lähestyä englanniksi   border on fi, accede fi, advance fi, approach fi, approximate fi, nigh fi, nudge fi, near fi, verge on fi


: His behaviour borders on insanity.

*: Maintenon had been governess to the children in the late 1670s before acceding to the kings favours.

: They ... advanced their eyelids. — Shakespeare

*: Ahasueres ... advanced him, and set his seat above all the princes.

*: This, however, was in time evaded by the monarchs, who advanced certain of their own retainers to a level with the ancient peers of the land...

: to advance the ripening of fruit

: to advance ones interests

: to advance an argument

*: Some neer advance a judgment of their own.

: Merchants often advance money on a contract or on goods consigned to them.

: to advance the price of goods

: He rose from his chair and advanced to greet me.

*: greatly advancing his gay chivalry

: an advance in health or knowledge

: an advance in rank or office

*: I shall, with pleasure, make the necessary advances.

*: The account was made up with intent to show what advances had been made.

: an advance on the prime cost of goods

*: [He] made the like advances to the dissenters.

*: As the sun fell, so did our spirits. I had tried to make advances to the girl again; but she would have none of me, and so I was not only thirsty but otherwise sad and downhearted.

: He made an advance payment on the prior shipment to show good faith.

: The advance man came a month before the candidate.

: The scouts found a site for an advance base.

*: And if so be that the kings wrath arise, and he say unto thee, Wherefore approached ye so nigh unto the city when ye did fight? knew ye not that they would shoot from the wall?

*: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

: as he approaches to the character of the ablest statesman.

*: Without these incentives to industry the Norwegian would be like the Laplander, without industry and civilisation ; and the nearer he approaches to the beau idéal of those political economists — to the state of being without a taste for these foreign and expensive luxuries — the nearer he approaches to the condition of the Laplander in the comforts and enjoyments of life.

*: In this respect, the only books which approach to its excellence are Gullivers Travels and Robinson Crusoe.

: He was an admirable poet, and thought even to have approached Homer. -- [[w:Sir William Temple|Sir William Temple]].

: "Would counsel please approach the bench?" asked the judge.

: to approach the city

: He approached the age of manhood.

: Dont approach that house.

*: When one approaches the nest of this species, the male exhibits the greatest anxiety respecting its safety, passes and repasses, fluttering and snapping its bill within a few feet, as if determined to repel the intruder.

*: Removing with him and the old housekeeper to within a mile of the parsonage-house, where his dear friends resided, he gratified the only remaining wish of Olivers warm and earnest heart, and thus linked together a little society, whose condition approached as nearly to one of perfect happiness as can ever be known in this changing world.

*: Its physical condition is still largely a mystery, but we know now that even in its equatorial region the midday temperature barely approaches that of our coldest winter.

*: If a variable v takes on successively a series of values that approach nearer and nearer to a constant value l in such a manner that |v - l|[To be read the numerical value of the difference between v and l] becomes and remains less than any assigned arbitrarily small positive quantity, then v is said to approach the limit l, or to converge to the limit l. Symbolically this is written

*:: limit v = l, or, v \dot= l.

*::: Usage note: In discussing convergence in mathematical analysis, modern rigorous formulations avoid using the terms approach and converge. These terms may, however, serve as a form of [[handwave]] when rigour is not required.

*: And it was with decision that he approached the problem of his wrecked shop.

*: "Why bother publishing my conversations. It has not helped you, and it is not going to help anybody else", said U.G. when I approached him with the idea of publishing excerpts from his conversations with the constant stream of people who go to visit him.

: rfquotek|Boyle

*: The approach of summer, says our Lord, is not more surely indicated by the first appearances of spring, than the final destruction of the wicked by the beginnings of vengeance on this impenitent people.

*: The canine, judging from the figures published by M. Lartet1 seems to be less developed than in the male chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans[,] [i]n which character the fossil, if it belonged to a male, makes a nearer approach to the human type ; but it is one which many of the inferior monkeys also exhibit, and is by no means to be trusted as significant of true affinity, supposing even the sex of the fossil to be known as being male.

*: Honor hath three things in it: the vantage ground to do good; the approach to kings and principal persons; and the raising of a mans own fortunes.

*: It was, therefore, natural to expect that the main attack would come from the north along the railroad, and from the east, where the approach from the Transvaal boundary, which is there marked by the Buffalo River, is over a country much more practicable than the western mountain range.

*: The functional approach emphasizes the core functions of each branch and asks whether the challenged action threatens the essential attributes of the legislative, executive, or judicial function or functions. Under this approach, there is considerable flexibility in the moving branch, usually Congress acting to make structural or institutional change, if there is little significant risk of impairment of a core function or in the case of such a risk if there is a compelling reason for the action.

*: Our proposed definitional approach to the data processing-communications dilemma evoked considerable discussion.

*: Its [the EPAs] initial approach to controlling the amount of lead in the ambient air was to limit lead emissions from automobiles by restricting the amount of lead in gasoline.

*: Most small airplanes maintain a speed well in excess of 1.3 times VSO on an instrument approach. An airplane with a stall speed of 50 knots (VSO) has a normal approach speed of 65 knots.

: Approximate results or values.

: To help carry out its mission, NASAs Genesis spacecraft has on board an ion monitor to record the speed, density, temperature and approximate composition of the solar wind ions.

: To approximate the inequality of riches to the level of nature. --Burke.

: The telescope approximates perfection. --J. Morse.

: The end is nigh!

*: He at his head took aim who stood most nigh;

*: By these and many histories more, it is most evident, that the more nigh salvation and deliverance approach, the more vehement is temptation and trouble.

*: The enemy, somewhat imboldened, draws nigher to the fort.

*: You then went to St. Andrews, the nighest ocean port.

*: nigh kinsmen

*: Ye ... are made nigh by the blood of Christ.

: night is nighing, death is nighing

: nighing his hour

: a death-nighing moan

: ux|en|Achieving the summit in a single day is, well, nigh impossible.

: When the Moon is horned ... is it not ever nigh the Sun?

: Since the machine was showing two lemons and a cherry, I decided to try a nudge.

*: He served great Hector, and was ever near, / Not with his trumpet only, but his spear.

*: She is thy fathers near kinswoman.

: a near friend

: a version near to the original

: a near escape

: The end is near.

: The two words are near synonyms.

: the near ox; the near leg

*: the nearest way

: Im near-sighted.

*: ...he hears for certain that the Queen-Mother is about and hath near finished a peace with France....

*: Sir John Friend had very near completed a regiment of horse.

*: Thinking about those pounds and pence, I near forgot my wound.

*: "I damn near forgot." He pulled an envelope from his jacket.

*: The fire was almost dead, the chamber near dark.

: ux|en|There are habitable planets orbiting many of the stars near our Sun.

*: He entered the inn, and asking for dinner, unbuckled his wallet, and sat down to rest himself near the door.

*: It shied, balked, and whinnied, and in the end he could do nothing but drive it into the yard while the men used their own strength to get the heavy wagon near enough the hayloft for convenient pitching.

: ux|en|The voyage was near completion.

: The ship nears the land.

: Bungee jumping verges on the insane, if you ask me.

*: It was verging on dusk, and the clock had already given warning of the hour to dress for dinner, when little Adèle, who knelt by me in the drawing-room window-seat, suddenly exclaimed...

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