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: My neighbour has an annoying cat.

: They?re our neighbours across the street.

: My neighbour is very irritable and grumpy at times.

*: Being at his own house in the country, when a great tempest of wind rose, he takes an occasion to visit a neighbour by him, and being somewhat merily disposed, quoth he Oh neighbour, did you not see what a wind there was the other day?

*: Undine at length shrank back with an unrecognizing face; but her movement made her opera-glass slip to the floor, and her neighbour bent down and picked it up.

*: Neighbours enact their substantive noun when there?s a neighbour?s sickness in the night; as friends do theirs, the cindered and the green times through.

*: Then a cluster is grown by letting each empty neighbour of an already occupied cluster site decide once and for all, whether it is occupied or empty. One needs to keep and to update a perimeter list of empty neighbours.

*: By contrast to the latter, our method uses the nearest neighbours to construct lower and upper approximations of decision classes, and classifies test instances based on their membership to these approximations.

*: Buckingham / No more shall be the neighbour to my counsel.

: Though France neighbours Germany, its culture is significantly different.

*: leisurely ascending hills that neighbour the shore

: That sort of talk is neighbouring on treason.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

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