laaja englanniksi   sweeping fi, widespread fi, extensive fi, ample fi, vast fi, comprehensive fi, large-scale fi


: The sidewalk needed a sweeping every morning.

: Sweeping took all morning.

: The sidewalk needed sweeping every morning.

: The government will bring in sweeping changes to the income tax system.

: He loves making sweeping statements without the slightest evidence.

*: By the time politicians in several cities backed down on Tuesday and announced that they would cut or consider reducing fares, the demonstrations had already morphed into a more sweeping social protest, with marchers waving banners carrying slogans like “The people have awakened.”

: He claimed a sweeping victory.

*: It was April 22, 1831, and a young man was walking down Whitehall in the direction of Parliament Street. He wore shepherds plaid trousers and the swallow-tail coat of the day, with a figured muslin cravat wound about his wide-spread collar.

: The Sahara desert is vast.

: There is a vast difference between them.

*: the empty, vast, and wandering air

: ux|en|We walked down a wide corridor.

: ux|en|The inquiry had a wide remit.

: ux|en|That team needs a decent wide player.

: ux|en|Too bad! That was a great passing-shot, but its wide.

*: Surely he shoots wide on the bow hand.

*: I was but two bows wide.

*: the contrary being so wide from the truth of Scripture and the attributes of God

*: our wide expositors

*: It is far wide that the people have such judgments.

*: How wide is all this long pretence!

: a wide character; a wide stream

: He travelled far and wide.

: He was wide awake.

: The arrow fell wide of the mark.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

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