Englantiflat, banal, lackluster
Ruotsiavslagen, blankt, falsk, flat, banal
Saksadirekt, eben, flach, flau, glatt, banal
Ranskaà plat, bas, bémol, dégonflé, ennuyeux
Espanjabanal m, aburrida f, aburrido m, cansada f, cansado m, mate m, mediocre m, pálida f, pálido m
Italiaballerine f, bemolle, banale, pallido
Puolabemol m, banalna f, banalne n, banalni p, banalny m

Suositut Viimeisimmät haut:
déguster irgendjemand hermana brzeg polygamia ('indirect object with an imperative verb') ci ('attached to the end of the verb and becoming' ce- 'when used along with a direct object; the c is doubled with some verbs') betreten invisible havaiji yli- trasmettere ballong