lebhaft englanniksi   buoyant de, boisterous de, vivid de, brisk de, bright de, vivacious de, lively de, vibrant de, animate de


: I’m in a buoyant mood.

: We took a brisk walk yesterday.

: This morning was a brisk fall day. It wasnt cold enough for frost, but you wanted to keep moving.

*: Her manner was brisk, and her good-breeding scarcely concealed her conviction that if you were not a soldier you might as well be a [[counterjumper|counter-jumper]].

: ux|en|Could you please dim the light? Its far too bright.

*: Serene, smiling, enigmatic, she faced him with no fear whatever showing in her dark eyes. The clear light of the bright autumn morning had no terrors for youth and health like hers.

*: The earth was dark, but the heavens were bright.

*: The public places were as bright as at noonday.

*: The sun was bright oerhead.

: ux|en|Hes very bright. He was able to solve the problem without my help.

*: —Ah, God, Corley replied, sure I couldnt teach in a school, man. I was never one of your bright ones, he added with a half laugh.

: ux|en|The orange and blue walls of the sitting room were much brighter than the dull grey walls of the kitchen.

*: Here the bright crocus and blue violet grew.

: ux|en|I woke up today feeling so bright that I decided to have a little dance.

*: Their spirits had risen a little at the discovery of the path, but now they sank into their boots; and yet they would not give it up and go away. The hobbit was no longer much brighter than the dwarves. He would do nothing but sit with his back to the rock-face and starenb....

*: Be bright and jovial among your guests.

*: the brightest annals of a female reign

*: From the brightest wines / Hed turn abhorrent.

*: with brighter evidence, and with surer success

*: Dark with excessive bright thy skirts appear.

: Your brights are on.

*: But wherefore comes old Manoa in such haste, / With youthful steps? Much livelier than erewhile / He seems.

*: The colours of the prism are manifestly more full, intense, and lively that those of natural bodies.

*: His faith must be not only living, but lively too.

*: chaplets of gold and silver resembling lively flowers and leaves

*: I spied the lively picture of my father.

*: From grave to gay, from lively to severe.

*: Speak the word, my livelies, and Ill pilot her in.

*: Him to a dainty flowre she did transmew, / Which in that cloth was wrought, as if it liuely grew.

*: the Painter Protogenes...having perfected the image of a wearie and panting dog,...but being unable, as he desired, lively to represent the drivel or slaver of his mouth, vexed against his owne worke, took his spunge, and moist as it was with divers colours, threw it at the picturenb....

: He has a vibrant personality.

: She is an engaging and animate speaker.

: Nouns can be singular or plural, and one of two genders, animate or inanimate.

: If we animate the model, we can see the complexity of the action.

*: The more to animate the people, he stood on high ... and cried unto them with a loud voice.

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