lehti englanniksi   feather, newspaper, leaf


*: Notice, too, that the shaft is not straight, but bent so that the upper surface of the feather is convex, and the lower concave.

*: Big fellows they were, all of them, their barbaric headdresses and grotesquely painted faces, together with their many metal ornaments and gorgeously coloured feathers, adding to their wild, fierce appearance.

*: Nesting birds pluck some of their own feathers to line the nest, but feather plucking in pet birds is entirely different.

*: I am not of that feather to shake off / My friend when he must need me.

: rfquotek|Knight

*: An eagle had the ill hap to be struck with an arrow feathered from her own wing.

: The stylist feathered my hair.

: After striking the bird, the pilot feathered the left, damaged engines propeller.

*: A few birches and oaks still feathered the narrow ravines.

*: The Polonian story perhaps may feather some tedious hours.

*: They stuck not to say that the king cared not to plume his nobility and people to feather himself.

: rfquotek|Dryden

: rfquotek|Dryden

: She newspapered one end of the room before painting the bookcase.

: He newspapered his way through the South on the sports beat, avoiding dry towms.

: He was newspapered out of public life.

: ux|en|gold leaf

: ux|en|The train car has one single-leaf and two double-leaf doors per side.

*: The algorithm pops the stack to obtain a new current node when there are no more children (when it reaches a leaf).

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