leikkaus englanniksi   cutback fi, clipping fi, intersection fi, operation fi, haircut fi, excision fi, shear fi, cutting fi, surgery fi


: a clipping of hair

: grass clippings

: The word "ad" is a clipping of "advertisement".

: It is dangerous to look at the beam of a [[laser]] while it is in operation.

*: The pain and sickness caused by manna are the effects of its operation on the stomach.

*: Speculative painting, without the assistance of manual operation, can never attain to perfection.

: The police ran an operation to get vagrants off the streets.

: The Katrina relief operation was considered botched.

: We run our operation from a storefront.

: They run a multinational produce-supply operation.

: She had an operation to remove her appendix.

*: The bards ... had great operation on the vulgar.

*: Tribunals were set up as watchdogs in cases of compulsory detention (sectioning). ... Informal patients, however, could be sectioned, and this was often a fear of patients once they were in hospital.

*: The doctor then sectioned her, making her an involuntary patient, and had her moved to a secure ward.

*: After explaining that for 7 years, from ’88 to ’95, I was permanently sectioned under the Mental Health act, robbed of my freedom, my integrity, my rights, I wrote at the time;- ¶ ...

: The [[pitcher]] threw a cut [[fastball]] that was slower than his usual [[pitch]].

: Cut brandy is a liquor made of brandy and hard grain liquor.

*: Or how bout Shane DiMora? Could he possibly get rip-roaring cut this time around?

*: Thats the premise of the overload principle, and it must be applied, even to ab training, if youre going to develop a cut, ripped midsection.

: Look at this cut on my finger!

: He made a fine cut with his sword.

: a smooth or clear cut

: a cut for a railroad

*: This great cut or ditch Secostris ... purposed to have made a great deal wider and deeper.

: The lawyer took a cut of the profits.

: The player next to the dealer makes a cut by placing the bottom half on top.

: I like the cut of that suit.

*: with eyes severe and beard of formal cut

: That’s our finest cut of meat.

*: Rip called him by name, but the cur snarled, snapped his teeth, and passed on. This was an unkind cut indeed.

: The drummer on the last cut of their CD is not identified.

: a book illustrated with fine cuts

*: Hell buy me a cut, forth for to ride.

: rfquotek|Wright

*: You must cut this flesh from off his breast.

: ux|en|Would you please cut the cake?

*: Before the whistling winds the vessels fly, / With rapid swiftness cut the liquid way.

: ux|en|I have three diamonds to cut today.

*: Why should a man, whose blood is warm within, / Sit like his grandsire cut in alabaster?

*: loopholes cut through thickest shade

*: We dont want your money no more. We just going to cut you.

: The patient said she had been cutting since the age of thirteen.

*: “My Continental prominence is improving,” I commented dryly. ¶ Von Lindowe cut at a furze bush with his silver-mounted rattan. ¶ “Quite so,” he said as dryly, his hand at his mustache. “I may say if your intentions were known your life would not be worth a curse.”

: ux|en|Sarcasm cuts to the quick.

*: The man was cut to the heart.

: ux|en|to cut a horse

*: The panels of white-wood that cuts like cheese, / But lasts like iron for things like these;

: ux|en|Travis was cut from the team.

: ux|en|Theyre going to cut salaries by fifteen percent.

: ux|en|I cut fifth period to hang out with Angela.

*: An English tradesman is always solicitous to cut the shop whenever he can do so with impunity.

: ux|en|After the incident at the dinner party, people started to cut him on the street.

: ux|en|After the actors read their lines, the director yelled "Cut!"

: ux|en|Select the text, cut it, and then paste it in the other application.

: ux|en|One student kept trying to cut in front of the line.

: ux|en|This road cuts right through downtown.

: ux|en|The football player cut to his left to evade a tackle.

: ux|en|If you cut then Ill deal.

: ux|en|cut orders;  cut a check

: ux|en|The bartender cuts his beer to save money and now its all watery.

: ux|en|Cut the engines when the plane comes to a halt!

*: So trenchant was the Templar’s weapon, that it shore asunder, as it had been a willow twig, the tough and plaited handle of the mace, which the ill-fated Saxon reared to parry the blow, and, descending on his head, levelled him with the earth.

*: the golden tresses ... were shorn away

: rfquotek|Jamieson

*: short of the wool, and naked from the shear

*: After the second shearing, he is a two-shear ram; ... at the expiration of another year, he is a three-shear ram; the name always taking its date from the time of shearing.

: How many different cuttings can this movie undergo?

: The actor had to make his cutting shorter to fit the [[audition]] time.

: [[turning|Turning]], boring, milling, and drilling are all different kinds of metal cutting processes.

*: WE flash across the level.

*: We thunder thro the bridges.

*: We bicker down the cuttings.

*: We sway along the ridges.

: I need some sort of cutting utensil to get through this shrink wrap.

: The director gave the auditioning actors cutting criticism.

: Many times surgery is necessary to prevent cancer from spreading.

*: The physicians proper place was in the library, not in the surgery.

: I dropped in on the surgery as I was passing to show the doctor my hemorrhoids.

: Our MP will be holding a surgery in the village hall on Tuesday.

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