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: The rookie was upset at being called Lemon Drop until she realized that everyone on the team had a silly moniker.

*: Again fairly common, and always amusing, are the monikers drawn from the (imagined) childhood of a particular vagrant.

*: A gang member may receive a new identity by taking on a nickname, or moniker, which others in the gang world would recognize. Monikers affirm a youths commitment to gang life and may become their sole identity, the only way they see thselves and the only name they go by.

*: Recently, a class of reactions has gained tremendous attention in the chemistry community under the moniker of "click chemistry," a concept introduced by Kolb and colleagues.

*: Actually, the various monikers Pilgrims, Puritans, Plymouth Rocks, Red Stockings, Hubs and Hubites were frequently used, informally, for both Boston big league clubs until 1912.

*: The monikers of both these famously well-endowed movie stars contain enormous sworls (two of them, no less, for Ms West!) that could only signify you-know-what, according to Ms Koren.

*: Monikers are often composed from other monikers to allow object hierarchies to be navigated based on a textual description of a path.

*: The GetObject function can also be used to access objects via monikers. A moniker is itself an object that acts as an intermediary between VBScript and the actual object to be accessed. Monikers are typically used when the objects to be accessed exist in a namespace other than the file system.

*: There are different types of monikers, but the one that deals with object instantiation is the class moniker. A class moniker portrays a class factory.

: "The Bard" is a sobriquet of English playwright William Shakespeare.

*: The sobriquet of Johnny Appleseed attached to him, though his real name was Chapman, in consequence of his being ever engaged in gathering and planting appleseed and cultivating nurseries of apple trees.

*: They overturned him to all his interests by the sure but fatal handle of his own good nature.

: The daily handle of a Las Vegas casino is typically millions of dollars.

: This article describes how to find the module name from the window handle.

*: Josh bought a fifth of Evan Williams for Andrew as a token of gratitude and Ray, because of the financial constraints, purchased the cheapest handle of whiskey he could find: Heaven Hill.

: the Handle of the Sug in Newfoundland

*: Happy, ye leaves! when as those lilly hands [...] Shall handle you.

*: Handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh.

*: [...] about his altar, handling holy things

*: Encourage the client to handle her breasts to grow accustomed to touching them, thus enabling milk production in the first few days after birth.

*: The hardness of the winters forces the breeders to house and handle their colts six months every year.

*: That fellow handles his bow like a crowkeeper

*: Light on his feet for a big man, he handled the rifle like a pistol.

*: You shall see how Ill handle her

*: “You also handle the accounts for Julie Wojakowski, what about her? Any recent deposits in that amount?”

*: How wert thou handled being prisoner?

: she handled the news with grace, the Persians handled the French ambassador shamefully

*: We will handle what persons are apt to envy others...

*: If traditional painting handled the same themes again and again, a truth which people are apt to overlook is that we often get startlingly different compositions of the same theme or episode.

: a merchant handles a variety of goods, or a large stock

*: They that handle the law knew me not

: I cant handle this hot weather.

*: For example, a program that loads data from a file needs to handle the case where that file is not found.

*: They [idols made of gold and silver] have hands, but they handle not

: the car handles well

: My boyfriend wont let me call him by his pet name, Pookie, in public.

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