lentää englanniksi   soar, blow, fly


: When soars Gauls vulture with his wings unfurled. [[w:Byron|Byron]].

: The pump prices soared into new heights as the strike continued.

: Where the deep transported mind may soar. [[w:John Milton|John Milton]].

: Valor soars above What the world calls misfortune. [[w:Joseph Addison|Joseph Addison]]

: This apparent soar of the hooded falcon. [[w:Samuel Taylor Coleridge|Samuel Taylor Coleridge]].

*: "Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!"

*: Hark how it rains and blows!

: Blow the dust off that book and open it up.

: The leaves blow through the streets in the fall.

: to blow the fire

: to blow an egg

: to blow ones nose

: In the harbor, the ships horns blew.

*: There let the pealing organ blow.

: Theres nothing more thrilling to the whale watcher than to see a whale surface and blow.

: There she blows! (i.e. "I see a whale spouting!")

: Get away from that burning gas tank! Its about to blow!

: The demolition squad neatly blew the old hotel up.

: The aerosol can was blown to bits.

: He blew the tires and the engine.

: He tried to sprint, but his ligaments blew and he was barely able to walk to the finish line.

: This blows!

: I managed to blow $1000 at blackjack in under an hour.

: I blew $35 thou on a car.

: We blew an opportunity to get benign corporate sponsorship.

: Who did you have to blow to get those backstage passes?

: Lets blow this joint.

*: Shall they hoist me up,
And show me to the shouting [[varletry]]
Of censuring Rome? Rather a ditch in Egypt
Be gentle grave unto me, rather on Nilus mud
Lay me stark naked, and let the water-flies
Blow me into [[abhorring]]!


*: I am, in my condition,

*: A prince, Miranda; I do think, a king;—

*: I [[would]] not so!—and would no more endure

*: This wooden slavery than to suffer

*: The [[flesh-fly]] blow my mouth.

*: Through the court his courtesy was blown.

*: His language does his knowledge blow.

*: Look how imagination blows him.

*: Here is Mistress Page at the door, sweating and blowing.

: to blow a horse

: rfquotek|Sir Walter Scott

*: You blow behind my back, but dare not say anything to my face.

: Were having a bit of a blow this afternoon.

: The players were able to get a blow during the last timeout.

: A fabricator is used to direct a sharp blow to the surface of the stone.

: During an exchange to end round 13, Duran landed a blow to the midsection.

*: A vigorous blow might win [Hannos camp].

: A further blow to the group came in 1917 when Thomson died while canoeing in Algonquin Park.

*: a most poor man, made tame to fortunes blows

*: You seem to me as [[w:Diana (mythology)|Dian]] in her [[orb]],

*: As chaste as is the bud [[ere]] it be blown;

*: How blows the citron grove.

*: Boys are at best but pretty buds unblown,

*: Whose scent and hues are rather guessed than known;

*: Such a blow of tulips.

: roses in full blow.

*: a trifling fly, none of your great familiars

: rfquotek|Massinger

*: Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.

: ux|en|Birds of passage fly to warmer regions as it gets colder in winter.   The Concorde flew from Paris to New York faster than any other passenger airplane.   It takes about eleven hours to fly from Frankfurt to Hongkong.   The little fairy flew home on the back of her friend, the giant eagle.

*: Sleep flies the wretch.

*: to fly the favours of so good a king

*: Whither shall I fly to escape their hands?

*: Fly, ere evil intercept thy flight.

*: He staggered and fell, grasped vainly at the stone, and slid into the abyss. “Fly, you fools!” he cried, and was gone.

: ux|en|Fly, my lord! The enemy are upon us!

*: The brave black flag I fly.

: ux|en|Charles Lindbergh flew his airplane The Spirit of St. Louis across the Atlantic ocean.   Why don’t you go outside and fly kites, kids? The wind is just perfect.   Birds fly their prey to their nest to feed it to their young.   Each day the post flies thousands of letters around the globe.

: ux|en|Lets see if that idea flies.   You know, I just dont think thats going to fly. Why dont you spend your time on something better?

*: Fly, envious Time, till thou run out thy race.

*: The dark waves murmured as the ships flew on.

: ux|en|a door flies open;  a bomb flies apart

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

: ux|en|We had a quick half-hour fly back into the city.

*: As we left the house in my fly, which had been waiting, Van Helsing said:— ‘Tonight I can sleep in peace [...].’

*: And, driving back in the fly, Macmaster said to himself that you couldnt call Mrs. Duchemin ordinary, at least.

: rfquotek|Totten

: rfquotek|Knight

: rfquotek|Knight

: Jones flied to right in his last at-bat.

: be assured, O man of sin—pilferer of small wares and petty larcener—that there is an eye within keenly glancing from some loophole contrived between accordions and tin breastplates that watches your every movement, and is "fly,"— to use a term peculiarly comprehensible to dishonest minds—to the slightest gesture of illegal conveyancing. (Charles Dickens, "Arcadia"; Household Words [http://books.google.com/books?id=mFZBAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA381 Vol.7 p.381])

: Hes pretty fly.

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