liikuttaa englanniksi   ruffle, actuate, manipulate, affect, move, propel, strike, stir


: She loved the dress with the lace ruffle at the hem.

*: Mind you, clothes were clothes in those days. […]  Frills, ruffles, flounces, lace, complicated seams and gores: not only did they sweep the ground and have to be held up in one hand elegantly as you walked along, but they had little capes or coats or feather boas.

: to put the mind in a ruffle

: rfquotek|H. L. Scott

: Ruffle the end of the cuff.

: The wind ruffled the papers.

: Her sudden volley of insults ruffled his composure.

*: the fantastic revelries ... that so often ruffled the placid bosom of the Nile

*: These ruffle the tranquillity of the mind.

*: She smoothed the ruffled seas.

*: But, ever after, the small violence done / Rankled in him and ruffled all his heart.

*: The night comes on, and the bleak winds / Do sorely ruffle.

*: On his right shoulder his thick mane reclined, / Ruffles at speed, and dances in the wind.

*: They would ruffle with jurors.

*: gallants who ruffled in silk and embroidery

*: [The swan] ruffles her pure cold plume.

*: I ruffled up fallen leaves in heap.

*: Wings, which others were contriving to actuate by the perpetual motion.

*: A man in a fit of anger, is actuated in a very different manner from one who only thinks of that emotion.

*: Men of the greatest abilities are most fired with ambition; and, on the contrary, mean and narrow minds are the least actuated by it.

: The experience affected me deeply.

: The heat of the sunlight affected the speed of the chemical reaction.

*: The climate affected their health and spirits.

: He was deeply affected by the tragic ending of the play.

*: A consideration of the rationale of our passions seems to me very necessary for all who would affect them upon solid and pure principles.

: Hepatitis affects the liver.

*: men whom they thought best affected to religion and their countrys liberty

*: The drops of every fluid affect a round figure.

*: One of the domestics was affected to his special service.

*: This proud man affects imperial sway.

*: From that day forth she gan to him affect, / And daily more her favour to augment […].

*: A young gentlewoman in Basil was an ancient man against her will, whom she could not affect; she was continually melancholy, and pined away for grief […].

*: But when he pleased to show t, his speech / In loftiness of sound was rich; / A Babylonish dialect, / Which learned pedants much affect.

*: As for Queen Katharine, he rather respected than affected, rather honoured than loved, her.

*: Amongst humane conditions this one is very common, that we are rather pleased with strange things then with our owne; we love changes, affect alterations, and like innovations.

*: For he does neither affect company, nor is he fit for it, indeed.

*: Do not affect the society of your inferiors in rank, nor court that of the great.

: to affect ignorance

: He managed to affect a smile despite feeling quite miserable.

*: Careless she is with artful care, / Affecting to seem unaffected.

*: Thou dost affect my manners.

*: if we are afraid of robbers in a dream, the robbers are certainly imaginary, but the fear is real. This draws our attention to the fact that the development of affects transterm|Affectentwicklung|lang=de in dreams is not amenable to the judgement we make of the rest of the dream-content [...].

*: A third study demonstrated that the effects of self-affirmation on self-regulated performance were not due to positive affect.

: A ship moves rapidly.

: I was sitting on the sofa for a long time, I was too lazy to move.

*: Secondly, When a body is once in motion it will continue to move forever, unless something stops it. When a ball is struck on the surface of the earth, the friction of the earth and the resistance of the air soon stop its motion.

: to move in a matter

: Come on guys, lets move: theres work to do!

: I decided to move to the country for a more peaceful life.

: They moved closer to work to cut down commuting time.

: The rook moved from a8 to a6.

: My opponents counter was moving much quicker round the board than mine.

: The waves moved the boat up and down.

: The horse moves a carriage.

: She moved the queen closer to the centre of the board.

: This song moves me to dance.

*: Minds desirous of revenge were not moved with gold.

*: No female arts his mind could move.

: That book really moved me.

*: When he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them.

: I move to repeal the rule regarding obligatory school uniform.

*: Let me but move one question to your daughter.

*: They are to be blamed alike who move and who decline war upon particular respects.

*: "Sir," seyde Sir Boys, "ye nede nat to meve me of such maters, for well ye wote I woll do what I may to please you."

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: An attorney moved the court to issue a restraining order.

: The district attorney moved for a non-suit.

: A slight move of the tiller, and the boat will go off course.

: He made another move towards becoming a naturalized citizen.

: She always gets spontaneous applause for that one move.

: He can win a [[match]] with that one move.

: The move into my fiancés house took two long days.

: They were pleased about their move to the country.

: I am worried about our bosss move.

: It was a smart move to bring on a tall striker to play against the smaller defenders.

*: Robin van Persie squandered Uniteds best chance late on but otherwise it was a relatively comfortable afternoon for Liverpools new goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, who has yet to concede a Premier League goal since his £9m summer move from Sunderland.

: The best move of the game was when he sacrificed his rook in order to gain better possession.

: Its your move! Roll the dice!

: If you roll a six, you can make two moves.

*: When it had advanced from the wood, it hopped much after the fashion of a kangaroo, using its hind feet and tail to propel it, and when it stood erect, it sat upon its tail.

*: I can discern your nature and see that even without any arguments (logoi) from me it will propel you to what you say you are drawn towards,

: ux|en|Please strike the last sentence.

: ux|en|Strike the door sharply with your foot and see if it comes loose.  nowrap|A bullet struck him.nowrap|The ship struck a reef.

*: He at Philippi kept / His sword een like a dancer; while I struck / The lean and wrinkled Cassius.

*: They shall take of the blood, and strike it on the two sideposts.

*: Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.

: ux|en|A hammer strikes against the bell of a clock.

*: Strike now, or else the iron cools.

: ux|en|We will strike a medal in your honour.

: ux|en|The ship struck in the night.

: ux|en|The clock struck twelve.  The drums strike up a march.

*: A deep sound strikes like a rising knell.

: ux|en|to strike a light

*: Waving wide her myrtle wand, / She strikes a universal peace through sea and land.

: ux|en|to strike a match

: ux|en|A tree strikes its roots deep.

*: To punish the just is not good, nor strike princes for equity.

*: The Bat—they called him the Bat. Like a bat he chose the night hours for his work of rapine; like a bat he struck and vanished, pouncingly, noiselessly; like a bat he never showed himself to the face of the day.

: ux|en|The bank robber struck on the 2nd and 5th of May.

: ux|en|The first thing to strike my eye was a beautiful pagoda.  nowrap|Tragedy struck when his brother was killed in a bush fire.

: ux|en|The workers struck for a week before the new contract went through.

: ux|en|Golf has always struck me as a waste of time.

*: I fancied at first the stuff was paraffin wax, and smashed the jar accordingly. But the odor of camphor was unmistakable. It struck me as singularly odd, that among the universal decay, this volatile substance had chanced to survive, perhaps through many thousand years.

: ux|en|The news struck a sombre chord.

: rfquotek|Nares

: ux|en|to strike money

: ux|en|to strike the mind with surprise;  nowrap|to strike somebody with wonder, alarm, dread, or horror

*: Nice works of art strike and surprise us most on the first view.

*: They please as beauties, here as wonders strike.

: ux|en|The proposed plan strikes me favourably.  nowrap|May the Lord strike down those sinners!nowrap|I was struck dumb with astonishment.

: ux|en|He struck a friend for five dollars.

*: Hinder light but from striking on it [porphyry], and its colours vanish.

: ux|en|The frigate has struck, sir! Weve beaten them, the lily-livers!

*: The English ships of war should not strike in the Danish seas.

*: “Strike the tent there!”—was the next order. As I hinted before, this whalebone marquee was never pitched except in port; and on board the Pequod, for thirty years, the order to strike the tent was well known to be the next thing to heaving up the anchor.

: ux|en|They struck off along the river.

*: till a dart strike through his liver

*: Now and then a glittering beam of wit or passion strikes through the obscurity of the poem.

: ux|en|to strike into reputation;  to strike into a run

: ux|en|to strike a bargain

: ux|en|My eye struck a strange word in the text.  nowrap|They soon struck the trail.

: rfquotek|B. Edwards

*: Behold, I thought, He will...strike his hand over the place, and recover the leper.

*: well struck in years

:* The batsmen have crossed, and Dhoni now has the strike.

*: Three hogsheads of ale of the first strike.

*: My foot I had never yet in five days been able to stir.

: ux|en|She stirred the pudding with a spoon.

*: My mind is troubled, like a fountain stirred.

: ux|en|Would you please stand here and stir this pot so that the chocolate doesnt burn?

*: Stir not questions of jurisdiction.

*: To stir men to devotion.

*: An Ate, stirring him to blood and strife.

*: And for her sake some mutiny will stir.

*: That night he was almost too happy to sleep, and so much love stirred in his little sawdust heart that it almost burst.

*: I had not power to stir or strive, But felt that I was still alive.

*: All are not fit with them to stir and toil.

*: The friends of the unfortunate exile, far from resenting his unjust suspicions, were stirring anxiously in his behalf.

*: They fancy they have a right to talk freely upon everything that stirs or appears.

*: "Mid-Lent, and the Enemy grins," remarked Selwyn as he started for church with Nina and the children. Austin, knee-deep in a dozen Sunday supplements, refused to stir; poor little Eileen was now convalescent from grippe, but still unsteady on her legs; her maid had taken the grippe, and now moaned all day: "Mon dieu! Mon dieu! Che fais mourir!"

*: Why all these words, this clamor, and this stir?

*: Consider, after so much stir about genus and species, how few words we have yet settled definitions of.

*: Being advertised of some stirs raised by his unnatural sons in England.

: ux|en|Hes going to spendin maybe ten years in stir.

*: The Bat—they called him the Bat.nb.... Hed never been in stir, the bulls had never mugged him, he didnt run with a mob, he played a lone hand, and fenced his stuff so that even the fence couldnt swear he knew his face. Most lone wolves had a moll at any rate—women were their ruin—but if the Bat had a moll, not even the grapevine telegraph could locate her.

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