lika englanniksi   grunge fi, alike sv, as sv, dirt fi, filth fi, soil fi


: The cinema floor was covered in grunge deposited by the crowds.

: Chad used to work as a coal miner, but couldnt handle the constant grunge.

: Alice liked to wear plaids and ripped jeans, and listen to grunge.

: The twins were alike.

: ux|en|We are all alike concerned in religion.

*: Carried somehow, somewhither, for some reason, on these surging floods, were these travelers, of errand not wholly obvious to their fellows, yet of such sort as to call into query alike the nature of their errand and their own relations.

: ux|en|You’re not as tall as I am.  nowrap|Its not as well made, but its twice as expensive.

*: “My Continental prominence is improving,” I commented dryly. ¶ Von Lindowe cut at a furze bush with his silver-mounted rattan. ¶ “Quite so,” he said as dryly, his hand at his mustache. “I may say if your intentions were known your life would not be worth a curse.”

: ux|en|The kidnappers released him as agreed.  nowrap|The parties were seen as agreeing on a range of issues.nowrap|He was never seen as the boss, but rather as a friend.

*: First; original; indigenous; primitive; native; as, the aboriginal tribes of America.

: As you wish, my lord!

: as in . . .

: As I came in, she flew.

: He sleeps as the rain falls.

: As my fear grew, so did my legs become heavy.

: As it’s too late, I quit.

: Shes twice as strong as an ox.

: Its not so complicated as I expected.

: Theyre big as houses.

*: And sodenly there cam a sounde from heven as it had bene the commynge off a myghty wynde ...

*: Oft haue I seene the haughty Cardinall, / More like a Souldier then a man oth Church, / As stout and proud as he were Lord of all ...

*: I start as from some dreadful dream.

*: the temper is to be altered and amended, with such things as fortify and strengthen the heart and brain […].

*: We wish, however, to avail ourselves of the interest, transient as it may be, which this work has excited.

*: The king was not more forward to bestow favours on them as they free to deal affronts to others their superiors.

: ux|en|You are not as tall as me.

*: A great bargain also had been the excellent Axminster carpet which covered the floor; as, again, the arm-chair in which Bunting now sat forward, staring into the dull, small fire.

: ux|en|What is your opinion as a parent?

*: Directed by Howard Hawks, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes starred Marilyn Monroe as Lorelei and Jane Russell as Dorothy.

: The reporter uncovered the dirt on the businessman by going undercover.

*: honours ... thrown away upon dirt and infamy

*: to purify the soul from the dross and filth of sensual delights

: Grampa remembers when he had to cut filth with a scythe.

: The refugees returned to their native soil.

: Kenyan soil

*: A ladys honour ... will not bear a soil.

*: As deer, being stuck, fly through many soils, / Yet still the shaft sticks fast.

: night soil

*: Improve land by dung and other sort of soils.

*: Our wonted ornaments now soiled and stained.

: Light colours soil sooner than dark ones.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: Men ... soil their ground, not that they love the dirt, but that they expect a crop.

: to soil a horseWebster 1913

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