lisääntyminen englanniksi   breeding fi, generation fi, birth fi, propagation fi, rise fi, reproduction fi, proliferation fi, procreation fi


: ux|en|Your dog has had good breeding.

*: She had her breeding at my fathers charge.

*: Honest gentlemen, I know not your breeding.

: Your toothbrush is a breeding ground for bacteria.

: Through genetic manipulation and harsh training, I am breeding a species of super-dogs to take over the world.

*: The generation of peat, when not completely under water, is confined to moist situations.

*: So all things else, that nourish vitall blood, / Soone as with fury thou doest them inspire, / In generation seek to quench their inward fire.

*: Generation by Copulation (certainly) extendeth not to Plants.

*: Thy Mothers of my generation: whats she, if I be a Dogge?

: This is the book of the generations of Adam - Genesis 5:1

: Ye shall remain there [in Babylon] many years, and for a long season, namely, seven generations - Baruch 6:3

: All generations and ages of the Christian church - [[w:Richard Hooker|Richard Hooker]]

*: Before the independence of India the books of Dr P. K. Yadav presented a fundamental challenge to the accepted ideas of race relations that, two generations later, will be true of the writings of the radical writers of the 1970s.

*: The first-generation iPhone was released in June 2007 and was an instant blockbuster success.

: Generation X grew up in the eighties, whereas the generation known as the millennials grew up in the nineties.

: People sometimes dispute which generation of Star Trek is best, including the original and The Next Generation.

: Intersex babies account for roughly one per cent of all births.

: the birth of an empire

: He was of noble birth, but fortune had not favored him.

*: elected without reference to birth, but solely for qualifications

*: Poets are far rarer births than kings.

*: Others hatch their eggs and tend the birth till it is able to shift for itself.

: Her birth father left when she was a baby; she was raised by her mother and stepfather.

*: "I dont know nothin bout birthin babies!"

*: Biological evolution created a human mind that enabled cultural evolution, which now outpaces and outclasses the force that birthed it.

: ux|en|We watched the balloon rise.

: ux|en|This elm tree rises to a height of seventy feet.

: ux|en|The path rises as you approach the foot of the hill.

*: And still the hours passed, and at last I knew by the glimmer of light in the tomb above that the sun had risen again, and a maddening thirst had hold of me. And then I thought of all the barrels piled up in the vault and of the liquor that they held; and stuck not because twas spirit, for I would scarce have paused to sate that thirst even with molten lead.

: ux|en|The sun was rising in the East.

: ux|en|to rise from a chair or from a fall

*: He that would thrive must rise by five.

: ux|en|he rose from the grave;   he is risen!

: ux|en|The committee rose after agreeing to the report.

*: It was near nine...before the House rose.

*: among the rising theologians of Germany

*: Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.

: ux|en|to rise in force of expression; to rise in eloquence;   a story rises in interest.

: ux|en|to rise a tone or semitone

*: Professor Peter Crome, chair of the audits steering group, said the report "provides further concrete evidence that the care of patients with dementia in hospital is in need of a radical shake-up". While a few hospitals had risen to the challenge of improving patients experiences, many have not, he said. The report recommends that all staff receive basic dementia awareness training, and staffing levels should be maintained to help such patients.

: ux|en|Has that dough risen yet?

*: The majestic Marannon, or Amazon River, rises out of the Lake Launcocha, situated in the province of Tarma, in 10° 14? south latitude, and ten leagues to the north of Pasco.

: ux|en|a noise rose on the air;   odour rises from the flower

*: At our heels all hell should rise / With blackest insurrection.

*: No more shall nation against nation rise.

*: A thought rose in me, which often perplexes men of contemplative natures.

: to rise a hill

: to rise a fish, or cause it to come to the surface of the water

: to rise a ship, or bring it above the horizon by approaching it

*: Until we rose the bark we could not pretend to call it a chase.

*: He, rising with small honour from Gunza,...was gone.

*: There chanced to the princes hand to rise / An ancient book.

: The rise of the tide.

: There was a rise of nearly two degrees since yesterday.

: Exercise is usually accompanied by a temporary rise in blood pressure.

: The rise of the working class.

: The rise of the printing press.

: The rise of the feminists.

: The rise of his pants was so low that his tailbone was exposed.

: The governor just gave me a rise of 2-pounds-6.

*: I went along up the bank with one eye out for pap and t?other one out for what the rise might fetch along.

: I knew that would get a rise out of him.

: ux|en|Unauthorized reproduction of this article is prohibited.

: ux|en|Jim was proud of the w|Rembrandt reproduction he owned.

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