loistava englanniksi   illustrious fi, lustrous fi, shiny fi, brilliant fi, glorious fi, capital fi, excellent fi, resplendent fi, splendid fi, wonderful fi, incandescent fi, beautiful fi, stellar fi, tremendous fi


*: Bender: Bite my shiny metal ass!

*: Like distant thunder on a shiny day.

*: When I was bound apprentice in famous Lincolnshire
Full well I served my master for nigh on seven years
Till I took up to poaching as you shall quickly hear
Oh, tis my delight on a shiny night in the season of the year.

: the brilliant lights along the promenade

: butterflies with brilliant blue wings

: The actors performance in the play was simply brilliant.

: She is a brilliant scientist.

*: This snuffbox — on the hinge see brilliants shine.

*: “And the ring?” I asked, glancing at a remarkable brilliant which sparkled upon his finger.

*: Farewell the neighing steed, and the shrill trump, / The spirit-stirring drum, th ear-piercing fife, / The royal banner, and all quality, / Pride, pomp and circumstance of glorious war!

*: These are thy glorious works, Parent of good.

*: Borini missed another glorious opportunity to give his side the lead after brilliant set-up play by Sterling, but with only the exposed keeper to beat, he struck the post.

*: And this fell tempest shall not cease to rage / Until the golden circuit on my head, / Like to the glorious suns transparent beams, / Do calm the fury of this mad-bred flaw.

*: ... but most miserable / Is the desire that’s glorious: blest be those, / How mean soe’er, that have their honest wills, / Which seasons comfort. ...

*: ... kings may be blest, but Tam was glorious, O’er all the ills of life victorious.

*: During his office treason was no crime, The sons of Belial had a glorious time.

: ux|en|He does not have enough capital to start a business.

: ux|en|Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States of America.

: ux|en|The Welsh government claims that Cardiff is Europe’s youngest capital.

*: Hollywood is the film capital, New York the theater capital, Las Vegas the gambling capital.

: ux|en|Interpreters need a good amount of cultural capital in order to function efficiently in the profession.

*: a capital article in religion

*: whatever is capital and essential in Christianity

: London and Paris are capital cities.

: That is a capital idea!

*: many crimes that are capital among us

*: to put to death a capital offender

*: Some 1,600 priests were deported, for example, while the total number of capital victims of the military commissions down to 1799 was only around 150.

: One begins a sentence with a capital letter.

*: Needs must the Serpent now his capital bruise / Expect with mortal pain.

*: A great bargain also had been the excellent Axminster carpet which covered the floor; as, again, the arm-chair in which Bunting now sat forward, staring into the dull, small fire.

*: an excellent hypocrite

*: Their sorrows are most excellent.

*: Lucian, in his tract de Mercede conductis, hath excellent well deciphered such mens proceedings in his picture of Opulentia […].

*: Hart had to make two splendid saves as Van Persie and Di María took aim and Fellaini should really have done better with a headed chance.

*: He is massively corrupt. It is wonderful how the mans popularity survives.

: They served a wonderful six-course meal.

: ux|en|Anyone who has ever met her thought she was absolutely beautiful.

: ux|en|Theres a beautiful lake by the town.

: ux|en|Its beautiful outside, lets go for a walk.

: ux|en|The skater performed a beautiful [[axel]].

: The actress gave a stellar performance.

: Van Beethovens ninth symphony is a tremendous piece of music.

: There was a tremendous outpouring of support.

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