lukita englanniksi   lock fi, shut up fi, lock in fi, cramp fi


*: "Give me the key," said my mother; and though the lock was very stiff, she had turned it and thrown back the lid in a twinkling.

*: ...the application must first acquire a lock on a file or a portion of a file before reading data and modifying it.

*: Here the canal came to a check, ending abruptly with a large lock.

*: "I never saw such a gun in my life," replied poor Winkle, looking at the lock, as if that would do any good.

*: Even though he had not yet done so, Jack felt he had a lock on the game.

*: Brian thinks shes a lock to get a scholarship somewhere.

*: Albemarle Street closed by a lock of carriages

: rfquotek|Dryden

: rfquotek|Milton

: ux|en|If you put the brakes on too hard, the wheels will lock.

: ux|en|Remember to lock the door when you leave.

: ux|en|This door locks with a key.

: ux|en|with his hands locked behind his back

: ux|en|We locked arms and stepped out into the night.

: ux|en|a pop and lock routine

*: If I consent to burn them, will you promise faithfully neither to send nor receive a letter again, nor a book (for I perceive you have sent him books), nor locks of hair, nor rings, nor playthings?

*: "You know the doctors ways, sir," replied Poole, "and how he shuts himself up. Well, hes shut up again in the cabinet; and I dont like it, sir—I wish I may die if I like it. Mr. Utterson, sir, Im afraid."

: You are talking so loud that I cant hear the music — would you mind shutting up?

: He was blathering on about something, but I managed to shut him up.

: "I got accepted to Yale!" / "Shut up, really? Thats awesome!"

*: She did not come to Court, but she must have been taken to Montagus house, for the Clerkenwell house was all shut up and was to be sold.

*: Open sheds are too much exposed to drifting snow, and they cannot be shut up and made warm enough for early lambing.

*: Beaudeck is a very shut-up place.

: The youth group will have their annual lock-in this weekend.

: Ive locked in a rate of 5%

*: The cramp, divers nights, gripeth him in his legs.

*: A narrow fortune is a cramp to a great mind.

*: crippling his pleasures with the cramp of fear

: Youre cramping my style.

*: The mind may be as much cramped by too much knowledge as by ignorance.

: Youre going to need to cramp the wheels on this hill.

*: when the gout cramps my joints

*: The ... fabric of universal justice is well cramped and bolted together in all its parts.

: to cramp boot legs

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