möjligen englanniksi   possibly sv, perhaps sv, maybe sv


: Possibly, they will make gains in the midterm elections.

: It was possibly the costliest mistake in the organizations history.

: This rare and possibly unique specimen must be conserved.

: Im much stronger than you, so you cant possibly win.

: I couldnt possibly be there on time.

: I couldnt possibly cheat on my wife.

: It seems unlikely, but, yes, they could possibly win even now.

: The police dont know him, and the information they have leads them to think he could possibly have murdered his wife.

: ux|en|Perhaps John will come over for dinner.

*: I cannot conceive what atheism, or skepticism, or positivism could do for me now, with their negations, and endless and contradictory perhapses, and perhapses, and perhapses.

: Then add those may-be years thou hast to live ? Dryden.

: The results of the poll were inconclusive. We got two yeses, three nos, and four maybes.

: About your raise: its a big maybe.

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