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: ux|en|My lifelong goal is to get into a Hollywood movie.

: ux|en|She failed in her goal to become captain of the team.

: ux|en|The cars finish was so shiny and new.

: ux|en|Please finish your homework!

: ux|en|The furniture was finished in teak veneer.

: ux|en|Due to BSE, cows in the United Kingdom must be finished and slaughtered before 30 months of age.

: ux|en|The song has finished.

: My number one aim in life is to make money to make my parents, siblings and kids happy.

*: What you would work me to, I have some aim.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: If one man could be said to be responsible for the creation of the Russian bogy, it was a much-decorated British general named Sir Robert Wilson.

: ux|en|The five exhausted runners crossed the finish line one after the other.

: Get up off your butt and get to work.

: I can see your butt.

: When the woman in the dress was sitting with her legs up, I could see up her butt.

: Get your butt to the car.

: We cant chat today. I have to get my butt to work before Im late.

*: Here is my journeys end, here is my butt / And very sea-mark of my utmost sail.

*: To which is fixed, as an aim or butt...

*: The inhabitants of all cities and towns were ordered to make butts, and to keep them in repair, under a penalty of twenty shillings per month, and to exercise themselves in shooting at them on holidays.

*: The groom his fellow groom at butts defies, / And bends his bow, and levels with his eyes.

*: The hay was growing upon headlands and butts in cornfields.

: Hes usually the butt of their jokes.

*: I played a sentence or two at my butt, which I thought very smart.

: Be careful in the pen, that ram can knock you down with a butt.

: The handcuffed suspect gave the officer a desperate butt in the chest.

*: To prove who gave the fairer butt, / John shows the chalk on Roberts coat.

*: Again, by 28 Hen. VIII, cap. 14, it is re-enacted that the tun of wine should contain 252 gallons, a butt of Malmsey 126 gallons, a pipe 126 gallons, a tercian or puncheon 84 gallons, a hogshead 63 gallons, a tierce 41 gallons, a barrel 31.5 gallons, a rundlet 18.5 gallons. –

*: ...I escapd upon a butt of sack which the sailors heavd oerboard...

*: Two harmless lambs are butting one the other.

*: And Barnsdale there doth butt on Dons well-watered ground.

: ux|en|Take careful aim at the target.

: ux|en|They have a target to finish the project by November.

*: These four came all afront, and mainly thrust at me. I made me no more ado but took all their seven points in my target, thus.

*: The target or buckler was carried by the heavy armed foot, it answered to the scutum of the Romans; its form was sometimes that of a rectangular parallelogram, but more commonly had its bottom rounded off; it was generally convex, being curved in its breadth.

: ux|en|He made a good target.

: ux|en|Do you charge by source or target?

: The advertising campaign targeted older women.

: This cross-platform compiler can target any of several processors.

*: René went back into the kitchen and put a pot of coffee on, got out his paints and started on a new painting. He felt inspired.

: The Nimrods are strong on the outside, but not very good in the paint.

: I am running low on paint for my marker.

*: It combines traditional paint capabilities with photograph enhancement features.

*: Computer paint software operates similarly but adds features that are delightfully familiar and useful to artists trained in traditional graphics materials.

*: If using a paint package, you must specify the color before you draw the line or shape.

*: not painted with the crimson spots of blood

*: Cuckoo buds of yellow hue / Do paint the meadows with delight.

: to paint a portrait or a landscape

: Ive been painting since I was a young child.

*: Sent to a minimized window when the icons background must be filled before it is painted.

: ux|en|She sued the author of the biography, claiming it painted her as a duplicitous fraud.

*: Disloyal? / The word is too good to paint out her wickedness.

*: If folly grow romantic, I must paint it.

*: Let her paint an inch thick.

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