maine englanniksi   name fi, Maine en, reputation fi, prestige fi, fame fi, odor fi, renown fi, kudos fi, note fi


*: Whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.

*: That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet.

*: So good a man as this must surely have a name.

: ux|en|Ive never liked the name my parents gave me so I changed it at the age of twenty.

*: Good name in man and woman, dear my lord / Is the immediate jewel of their souls.[]

*: And David won a name for himself.[]

: ux|en|Stop calling me names!

*: They list with women each degenerate name.

*: Later British psychologists interested in this topic include such major names as Cyril Burt, William McDougall,....

*: Would it be able to fight the competition from ITC Agro Tech and Liptons who were ready and able to commit large resources? With such big names as competitors, would this business be viable for Marico?

*: International non-governmental organisations (INGOs), including such household names as Amnesty International, Greenpeace and....

*: The ministers of the republic, mortal enemies of his name, came every day to pay their feigned civilities.

: ux|en|He named his demands.

: ux|en|You name it!

: ux|en|naming the problem

: ux|en|The painter was named as an accomplice.

: ux|en|My neighbor was named to the steering committee.

*: The sophisms of infidelity, and the prestiges of imposture.

: Oxford has a university of very high prestige.

*: There went a fame in Heavn that he ere long / Intended to create, and therein plant / A generation, whom his choice regard / Should favour […].

*: If the accused could produce a specified number of honest neighbours to swear publicly that the suspicion was unfounded, and if no one else came forward to contradict them convincingly, the charge was dropped: otherwise the common fame was held to be true.

*: I find thou art no less than fame hath bruited.

*: Now, I still think that for this box of matches to have escaped the wear of time for immemorial years was a strange, and for me, a most fortunate thing. Yet oddly enough I found here a far more unlikely substance, and that was camphor. I found it in a sealed jar, that, by chance, I supposed had been really hermetically sealed. I fancied at first the stuff was paraffin wax, and smashed the jar accordingly. But the odour of camphor was unmistakable.

*: Nor envy we thy great renown, nor grudge thy victory.

*: There sleep the mighty dead as in life they slept, warriors and princes of high renown.

*: This famous duke of Milan, / Of whom so often I have heard renown.

: ux|en|The talented, young playwright received much kudos for his new drama.

*: Whosoever appertain to the visible body of the church, they have also the notes of external profession.

*: She [the Anglican church] has the note of possession, the note of freedom from party titles, the note of life — a tough life and a vigorous.

*: What a note of youth, of imagination, of impulsive eagerness, there was through it all!

: ux|en|I left him a note to remind him to take out the trash.

*: Here is now the smiths note for shoeing.

: ux|en|I didnt have any coins to pay with, so I used a note.

*: The wakeful her nocturnal note.

*: small matters...continually in use and in note

*: Give orders to my servants that they take / No note at all of our being absent hence.

: ux|en|a poet of note

*: The king...shall have note of this.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: ux|en|If you look to the left, you can note the old cathedral.

: ux|en|We noted his speech.

: ux|en|The modular multiplicative inverse of x may be noted x-1.

: rfquotek|W. H. Dixon

*: But thefte serveth of wykked note, Hyt hangeth hys mayster by the throte.

*: And have thou that for thy note!

*: Thall keep me at this noit all day... Om always at this noit.

*: Thou canst do thy note; that have I espied.

*: The miller goes again; no word he said, But does his note and with the clerks he played, [...]

*: The supply of horned cattle at this fair was great, but the business done was confined to fleshy barreners of feeding qualities and superior new-calved heifers, and those at early note, with appearance of being useful; [...]

*: For sale, a Kerry cow, five years old, at her note in May.

*: A cow is said to be in note when she is in milk.

*: A man who drank spring water when his one cow was near note.

*: Be at her note, be near note, come forward to her note, of a cow or sow, be near the time for calving or farrowing.

*: ux|en|There Merlin stayd, / As overcomen of the spirites powre, / Or other ghastly spectacle dismayd, / That secretly he saw, yet note discoure [...].

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