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*: Yet another scatological medicament was obtained from mummy, the material derived from a dried or embalmed human corpse, the most valuable being that imported from Mizraim (ancient Egypt).

*: Nonetheless, his book advertises many Paracelsian remedies, including laudanum, mummy, antimony and mercury.

: rfquotek|Sir T. Herbert

*: You may beat them to a mummy, you may put them upon the rack, you may burn them on a gridiron, ... yet you will never remove them from that innate fidelity ...

*: ... Mr. Pearson proceeds to give a particular description of the very perfect mummy of an Ibis, which forms the chief subject of the present paper.

*: Many people believed in the curse of the mummy, and soon, the curse had become an accepted part of Tut?s legend.

*: For many, mummies fascinate more than repel. Our horrific connotations lie not so much with the mummy itself, but in associated fears. The mummy serves, of course, as a general reminder of our own mortality and our fear of death, but this alone is not enough to make it a monster.

*: “Oh, mummy, would you like the loveliest daughter-in-law in the world? Oh, mummy, I must marry Flora Dewsley. But I know I am not nearly good enough, mummy. She knows nothing of the world and its wickedness, and I — Well, mummy, at school, a fellow learns everything. And no man is perfect, is he, mummy?...

*: Meeting mummy after this visit was not exactly easy.

*: “...What?s your problem, you little shit? Proud of yourself, for ruining Mummy?s life?” I was careful to use the insipid falsetto the experts commend. “You?ve got Daddy snowed, but Mummy?s got your number. Youre a little shit, aren?t you??

*: ‘...We have to ask mummy if we can go to Rajah?s mummy?s house (Rajah?s mummy is the owner of the dog). We can if mummy says “yes”....

*: Darla stared at her father and said, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy!

*: Marjorie wheezed and said, Father. You. Are. Filthy!

*: Joe said Daddy?s muddy! Daddy?s muddy!

*: Darla stared at the darkened doorway where Howard stood, saying, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, each time a little louder, each time a bit more shrilly,....

*: Ooh Mum, Auntie don?t allow smokin’ - Pat?s eyes were round with awe as Mum struck a match.

*: Her mum says that she is deaf and only partially sighted, so I need to go and stand in front of her, so she can see the gift.

*: “Mum! Mum!” he shouted out. The laughter stopped. Two bright, sparkling yellow eyes peeped from the hollow. Atop her head were the fluffy ear tufts that his mum was so proud of because they were fuller and lovelier than those of most Great Horned Owls. It was indeed his mum!

*: He?s looking at my mum, at her swollen eyes, busted nose and bloodied lips. She?s mashed up something chronic, and the man who did this to her is my dad.

*: “Wy, mum,” said Mr. Weller, “I don?t think you?ll see a many sich, and that?s the truth. But if my son Samivel vould give me my vay, mum, and dis-pense with his—might I wenter to say the vurd?”

*: “What word Mr Weller?” said the housekeeper, blushing slightly.

*: “Petticuts, mum,” returned that gentleman, laying his had upon the garments of his grandson. “If my son Samivel vould only dis-pense vith these here, you?d see sich a alteration in his appearance, as the imagination can?t depicter!”

*: Then she took off the hank and looked me straight in the face, and very pleasant, and says:

*: “Come, now, what?s your real name?

*: “Wh -- what, mum?”

*: “What?s your real name? Is it Bill, or Tom, or Bob? -- Or what is it?”

*: The citizens are mum, and speak not a word.

*: Mum, then, and no more.

: rfquotek|Hudibras

: rfquotek|Addison

: The clamorous crowd is hushed with mugs of mum. — Alexander Pope.

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