manuel englanniksi   textbook fr, handbook fr, manual fr


*: It is likely to kill interest, and give both teacher and pupils a didactic, textbook attitude at the very beginning.

*: They are mentioned in his flat, textbook voice, alongside schoolroom descriptions of topography and assessments of economic significance.

*: ...a kind of descriptive account or a social, geographical, anthropological, or historical commentary that may at times have a certain textbook tone to it.

*: It was a textbook case of how prompt government action could avert a major crisis.

*: Every night had been clear and star-studded, the progression of the moon through its phases absolutely textbook, its dance with the planets visible in the ecliptic...

*: In many ways the Korean nuclear crisis is a textbook example of coercive diplomacy — its strengths as well as the risks inherent in such a strategy.

*: She gave a wild manual brush to her locks.

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