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*: The conventional “commonsense” view now is that girls are conditioned both by family and teachers to believe that maths is a subject at which males excel, and that they believe they cannot be expected to comprehend its subtleties — so they don?t.

*: At age 10, Ian was based with the Grade 6 students but was allowed to take maths with Grade 10 – a four-year grade advancement.

*: Most people who are forced to use maths have little idea what it is really about.

: If you do the math, youll see that it’s not such a bargain.

: $170 a month? That doesn’t sound right. Let me check your math.

: They needed to take two more maths in order to graduate.

*: Then, I further worked myself into an A+ panic attack with the realization that on top of the algebra, I would have to take three more maths, from a choice of calculus, finite math, statistics, logic, or differential equation.

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