mein englanniksi   my de, mine de


: I cant find my book.

: My seat at the restaurant was uncomfortable.

: Dont you know my name?

: I recognised him because he had attended my school.

: My parents wont let me go out tonight.

: I have to take my books back to the library soon.

: My, what big teeth you have!

: ux|en|The house itself is mine, but the land is not.

: ux|en|Mine has been a long journey.

: ux|en|Mine for only a week so far, it already feels like an old friend.

*: ... Flesh and blood, / You, brother mine, that entertaind ambition, / ...

*: Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord: / ...

: This diamond comes from a mine in South Africa.

: He came out of the coal mine with a face covered in black.

: Most coal and ore comes from open-pit mines nowadays.

: His left leg was blown off after he stepped on a mine.

: The warship was destroyed by floating mines.

: Crater of Diamonds State Park is the only place in the world where visitors can mine their own diamonds.

*: Lead veins have been traced ... but they have not been mined.

: We had to slow our advance after the enemy mined the road ahead of us.

: the mining cony

*: They mined the walls.

*: Too lazy to cut down these immense trees, the spoilers ... had mined them, and placed a quantity of gunpowder in the cavity.

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