merdique englanniksi   shitty fr, shithouse fr, crappy fr


: The television I bought there was so shitty that I will never shop there again.

: Im feeling shitty today; I dont want to go out.

*: Its a well-known fact that reading is about the shittiest thing you can do for your eyes.

*: The difference is they usually have a shittier singer, and no originality.

*: Halfway there we turned off the highway onto possibly the shittiest gravel road I have ever driven. In Canada, we would call it washboard; in Australia they call it corrugated, but you get the point.

: Dont get shitty at me!

*: “Shes a shitty teacher, but Ault was in a bind.” But she hadnt been a shitty teacher when shed been hired. Shed never taught before. And who was Aspeth to decide she was shitty now? She was still inexperienced.

*: The practice in most African and some Asian cities is for private lorries to suck up human waste and dump it in rivers. [...] In tackling the shit problem, economics could well be a clincher.

: He had the shits for three days.

: Cant a guy take a shit in peace?

: Throw that shit out!

: I want your shit out of my garage by tomorrow.

: These grapes are the shit!

: Everything he says is a load of shit.

: Her son has been a real shit to her.

: His opinion is not worth shit. = His opinion is not worth anything.

: We don’t have shit to live on. = We don’t have anything to live on.

: John cant sing for shit. = John cant sing for anything. = John cant sing at all.

: Im in some serious shit.

: Some shit went down at the nightclub last night.

: I gave him shit for being three hours late twice in one week.

: What a shit film that was!

: That was a shit thing to do to him.

: Twelve hundred dollars!? Are you shitting me!?

: That ad shits me to tears.

: Shit! I think that I forgot to pack my sleeping bag last night!

: Holy shit!

: Oh, shit!

: "Oh, shit. I left my worksheet at home," she said to the language arts teacher, which got her in trouble.

*: The stupefied bus driver kept ranting and raving at him. “You could have been stuffed, mate! Once the water splits it would have been the most shithouse moment in your life, and the last one! This beach is for crocs only!...

*: The story goes that when she applied for the job, they were fearful of hiring her because she was ‘much more shithouse than them’. I cannot imagine anyone being worse than those two but she did give it a good go.

: That is such a crappy car.

: The referee just made a really crappy call.

: The food there used to be good but now its crappy.

: Im feeling really crappy - I think I need some fresh air.

: Put the crappy diapers in the blue pail and the wet ones in the yellow pail.

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