mestari englanniksi   champion, master, sensei


: ux|en|The defending champion is expected to defeat his challenger.

: ux|en|champion of womens suffrage

: ux|en|champion of the poorattention|en|edited from mobile, please check for errors introduced inadvertently

: ux|en|"That roller coaster was champion," laughed Vinny.

*: master of a hundred thousand drachms

*: We are masters of the sea.

: ux|en|Mark Twain was a master of fiction.

*: great masters of ridicule

*: No care is taken to improve young men in their own language, that they may thoroughly understand and be masters of it.

*: Where there are little masters and misses in a house, they are impediments to the diversions of the servants.

: ux|en|She has a master in psychology.

: ux|en|He is a master of marine biology.

: ux|en|The band couldnt find the master, so they re-recorded their tracks.

: ux|en|The case was tried by a master, who concluded that the plaintiffs were the equitable owners of the property....

: ux|en|master batsman

: ux|en|master copy

*: Obstinacy and willful neglects must be mastered, even though it cost blows.

*: Then Elzevir cried out angrily, Silence. Are you mad, or has the liquor mastered you? Are you Revenue-men that you dare shout and roister? or contrabandiers with the lugger in the offing, and your life in your hand. You make noise enough to wake folk in Moonfleet from their beds.

: It took her years to master the art of needlecraft.

*: the wealth that the world masters

: He mastered in English at the state college.

: a two-master

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