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: ux|en|the angle between lines A and B

: ux|en|The angle between lines A and B is ?/4 radians, or 45 degrees.

: ux|en|an angle of a building

: ux|en|The horse took off at an angle.

*: For example, if I was trying to repitch an idea to a producer who had already turned it down, I would say something like, "I remember you said you didnt like my idea because there was no womens angle. Well, heres a great one that both of us must have missed during our first conversation."

: ux|en|His angle is that he gets a percentage, but mostly in trade.

*: though but an angle reached him of the stone

: The roof is angled at 15 degrees.

: The five ball angled off the nine ball but failed to reach the pocket.

: How do you want to angle this when we talk to the client?

: He must be angling for a pay rise.

*: Give me mine angle: well to the river there.

*: A fisher next his trembling angle bears.

: ux|en|Suppose you have a genie that grants you three wishes. If you wish for infinite wishes, that is a meta wish.

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