mutina englanniksi   murmur fi, quibble fi, buzz fi, mutter fi


*: In the prison of the tween decks reigned a darkness pregnant with murmurs. The sentry at the entrance to the hatchway was supposed to "prevent the prisoners from making a noise," but he put a very liberal interpretation upon the clause, and so long as the prisoners refrained from shouting, yelling, and fighting--eccentricities in which they sometimes indulged--he did not disturb them.

: A murmur arose from the audience.

*: The moment had come for the honeyed word. I lowered my voice to a confidential murmur, but on her inquiring if I had laryngitis raised it again.

*: In fear of disease and in the interest of his health man will be muzzled and masked like a vicious dog, and that without any murmur of complaint.

*: Glossop will return from his afternoon off to find the awful majesty of the Law waiting for him, complete with handcuffs. We can hardly expect him to accept an exemplary sentence without a murmur, so his first move will be to establish his innocence by revealing all.

*: The Iewes then murmured at him because he sayde: I am that breed which is come doune from heaven.

: ux|en|I couldnt hear the words; he just murmured a lot.

: ux|en|The bees murmured in the forest. The waves murmured on the shore.

*: I...heard thee murmur tales of iron wars.

: He harped on his quibble about how the dark red paint should be described as [[carmine]] rather than [[burgundy]].

*: Quibbles have no place in the search after truth.

: They are constantly quibbling over insignificant details.

: Still feeling the buzz from the coffee, he pushed through the last of the homework.

*: In Detroit, the buzz is that hes too nice a guy, unwilling to impose draconian job cuts at the risk of angering the UAW.

*: Like a wasp it buzzed, and stung him.

*: So that now the universe has escaped from the pin which was pushed through it, like an impaled fly vainly buzzing, ... we can hope also to escape.

*: However these disturbers of our peace / Buzz in the peoples ears.

*: The flies, lethargic with the autumn, were beginning to buzz into the room.

*: I will buzz abroad such prophecies / That Edward shall be fearful of his life.

*: ... an asteroid a mere 15-20 metres across exploded with the force of a medium-sized atom bomb over Chelyabinsk, in Russia, and another, much larger one buzzed Earth a few hours later.

*: Deacon said, “You used to beg me to let you buzz your hair when you were little.” “And then I grew up and realized how awful you looked when you buzzed yours.”

: The prisoners were docile, and accepted their lot with barely a mutter.

: You could hear the students mutter as they were served sodden spaghetti, yet again, in the cafeteria.

: The beggar muttered words of thanks, as passersby dropped coins in his cup.

: The asylum inmate muttered some doggerel about chains and pains to himself, over and over.

*: Meantime your filthy foreigner will stare, / And mutter to himself.

: April could hear the delivery vans engine muttering in the driveway.

*: Thick lightnings flash, the muttering thunder rolls.

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