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: Within the navel of this hideous wood, / Immured in cypress shades, a sorcerer dwells. — Milton.

: Huck Finn poled that raft southward down the Mississippi because going northward against the current was too much work.

: He poled off the serial of the Gulfstream to confirm its identity.

: to pole beans or hops

: to pole hay into a barn

: The function f(z) = \frac{1}{z-3} has a single pole at z = 3.

*: shoots against the dusky pole

*: With pins of adamant / And chains they made all fast.

: Pull the pin out of the grenade before throwing it at the enemy.

: Im not so good on my pins these days.

: The UK standard connector for domestic mains electricity has three pins.

: The shot landed right on the pin.

*: the very pin of his heart cleft

*: a merry pin

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: He ... did not care a pin for her.

: to pin a window to the Taskbar

*: When God sends coin / I will discharge your post.

: Post no bills.

: to post someone for cowardice

*: On pain of being posted to your sorrow / Fail not, at four, to meet me.

*: You have not posted your books these ten years.

*: thoroughly posted up in the politics and literature of the day

: Since Jim was new to the game, he had to post $4 in order to receive a hand.

: a stage or railway post

*: In certain places there be always fresh posts, to carry that further which is brought unto them by the other.

*: I fear my Julia would not deign my lines, / Receiving them from such a worthless post.

*: information was filtered through the counting-houses and warehouses of Antwerp; posts galloped along the roads of the Low Countries, while dispatches streamed through Calais, and were passed off the merchant galleys arriving in London from the Flanders ports.

: sent via post; parcel post

*: I send you the fair copy of the poem on dullness, which I should not care to hazard by the common post.

: Two of the receivers ran post patterns.

*: In post he came.

*: He held office of postmaster, or, as it was then called, post, for several years.

*: Beyond Cologne we descended to the plain of Holland; and we resolved to post the remainder of our way […].

*: Post speedily to my lord your husband.

*: And post oer land and ocean without rest.

: Mail items posted before 7.00pm within the Central Business District and before 5.00pm outside the Central Business District will be delivered the next working day.

: I couldnt figure it out, so I posted a question on the mailing list.

*: In this posture were affairs at the inn when a gentleman arrived there post.

*: He prided himself on looking neat even when he was riding post.

: Post a sentinel in front of the door.

*: It might be to obtain a ship for a lieutenant, ... or to get him posted.

*: One of the most appealing things for me about Barack Obama has always been that he comes post the post-60s generation.

*: Lew reckons he had three options for the cash-cow which was Premier post the Coles sale.

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