nappi englanniksi   button fi, tab fi


: ux|en|April fastened the buttons of her overcoat to keep out the wind.

: ux|en|Pat pushed the button marked "shred" on the blender.

: ux|en|Click the button that looks like a house to return to your browsers home page.

: ux|en|The politician wore a bright yellow button with the slogan "Vote Smart" emblazoned on it.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: ux|en|He was a tall, fat, long-bodied man, buttoned up to the throat in a tight green coat.

: ux|en|The coat will not button.

*: He pulls off his belt, cursing as the studs catch in the tabs of his jeans.

*: You can prevent a control from getting the focus when the user is tabbing between controls by settings its IsTabStop property to False.

: Put this round on my tab, will you, barman.

: Givis a tab man!

*: ux|en|By 1926 the tabloid mania was at full tilt, and the tabs in New York went at each other with hammer and tong.

*: ux|en|That is the attitude of the tabs: they cover the worlds most important city.

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