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*: ‘Pugh!’ says she, ‘you have pinked a man in a duel, thats all.’

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: This garden in particular has a beautiful bed of pinks.

: Your hat, madam, is the very pink of fashion.

*: the very pink of courtesy

: My new dress is a wonderful shade of pink.

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*: I had taken it for granted that there would be people ‘in pink’, but these enormous confident strangers overwhelmed me with the visible authenticity of their brick-red coats.

*: it is interesting to note the curious legend that the pink of the hunting field is not due to any optical advantage but to an entirely different reason.

: Oh dear, hes left himself snookered behind the pink.

*: The word "socialist" has so many connotations that it can cover almost anything from pink liberalism to red-red communism.

: [[pink-collar]]; pink job

: the pink economy

: [[pink dollar]]; [[pink pound]]

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*: Seven pounds make a clove, 2 cloves a stone, 2 stone a tod 6 1/2 tods a wey, 2 weys a sack, 12 sacks a last. The Pathway points out the etymology of the word cloves; it calls them claves or nails. It is to be observed here that a sack is 13 tods, and a tod 28 pounds, so that the sack is 364 pounds.

*: By a statute of 9 Hen. VI. it was ordained that the wey of cheese should contain 32 cloves of 7 lbs. each, i.e. 224 lbs., or 2 cwts.

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