neuvo englanniksi   advice, caution, tip


: We may give advice, but we can not give conduct. — Franklin.

: How shall I dote on her with more advice, That thus without advice begin to love her? — Shakespeare.

: rfquotek|McElrath

: rfquotek|Wharton

*: In way of caution I must tell you.

*: The Parliament would yet give his majesty sufficient caution that the war should be prosecuted.

: Oh, that boy, hes a caution! He does make me laugh.

*: When he woke up, about half an hour after, he called it to him again, but Dash only looked sheepish and wagged the tip of his tail.

: ux|en|the tip of ones nose

: ux|en|a tip for an umbrella, a shoe, a gas burner, etc.

: chicken tips over rice, pork tips, marinated alligator tips

*: He dutifully speared a beef tip and chewed it with false gusto.

*: I thinke he thinkes vpon the sauage bull: / Tush, feare not man, weell tip thy hornes with gold, / And all Europa shall reioyce at thee [...].

*: truncheon tipped with iron head

*: Tipped with jet, / Fair ermines spotless as the snows they press.

*: the brief suspended agony of the boat, as it would tip for an instant on the knife-like edge of the sharper waves, that almost seemed threatening to cut it in two [...].

*: I tip my 40 to your memory.

*: As the tip slowly squashes under its own weight, bacteria rot away the organic matter, mainly anaerobically with the generation of methane.

*: When I was a kid I used to love going to the tip.

*: There are two rubbish tips in Rother.

*: Computer collectibles saved from the tip

*: A third rogue tips me by the elbow.

: ux|en|In some cities waiters must be tipped.

*: A half crown tip put the deputys knowledge at my disposal, and I learned that Mr. Bloxam [...] had left for his work at five oclock that morning.

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