normaali englanniksi   essential fi, natural fi, normal fi


: Don’t mind him being grumpy. That’s the essential Fred.

*: Is it true, that thou art but a name, / And no essential thing?

: ux|en|The species will be under threat if its natural habitat is destroyed.

: ux|en|In the natural world the fit tend to live on while the weak perish.

: ux|en|Natural food is healthier than processed food.

: ux|en|Its natural for business to be slow on Tuesdays.

: His prison sentence was the natural consequence of a life of crime.

*: What can be more natural than the circumstances in the behaviour of those women who had lost their husbands on this fatal day?

: ux|en|The piece is played in C natural.

: rfquotek|Moore (Encyc. of Music)

: the natural motion of a gravitating body

: ux|en|The chairs were all natural oak but the table had a lurid finish.

*: with strong natural sense, and rare force of will

: ux|en|So-called second-generation [[w:Breast implant|silicone breast implants]] looked and felt more like the natural breast.

*: To leave his wife, to leave his babes, ... / He wants the natural touch.

*: natural friends

: a natural child

: ux|en|We made natural love.

*: I coniecture and assure my selfe that yee cannot be ignorant by what meanes this peace hath bin thus happily both for our proceedings and the welfare of the Naturals concluded [...].

: Hes a natural on the saxophone.

: color panel|FAD6A5

*: (Mercutio) [...] this drivelling love is like a great natural, / that runs lolling up and down to hide his [[bauble]] in a hole.

*: ‘Sergeant-Major Robinson came in in the middle of it, and youve never seen a man look more surprised in your natural.’

: ux|en|Organize the data into third normal form.

: ux|en|John is feeling normal again.

: ux|en|My grandmother attended Mankato State Normal School.

: ux|en|His workload is now back to normal.

suositut haut
kosteus hankkia anteeksipyyntö [[mennä]] [[ulos]] z-akseli välimatka