ohittaa englanniksi   dispense fi, bypass fi, omit fi, overhaul fi, strip fi, overtake fi, disregard fi


*: He is delighted to dispense a share of it to all the company.

*: The smoky spray seemed to trap whatever light there was and to dispense it subtly.

: to dispense justice

*: While you dispense the laws, and guide the state.

: The pharmacist dispensed my tablets.

: An optician can dispense spectacles.

: I wish he would dispense with the pleasantries and get to the point.

*: After his victories, he often gave them the reines to all licenciousnesse, for a while dispencing them from all rules of military disciplinenb....

*: It was resolved that all members of the House who held commissions, should be dispensed from parliamentary attendance.

*: He appeared to think himself born to be supported by others, and dispensed from all necessity of providing for himself.

*: One loving hour / For many years of sorrow can dispense.

*: His sin was dispensed / With gold, whereof it was compensed.

*: what euer in this worldly state / Is sweet, and pleasing vnto liuing sense, / Or that may dayntiest fantasie aggrate, / Was poured forth with plentifull dispence [...].

: ux|en|The engine required a complete overhaul to run properly.

*: In his senior year, he had run across an old 66 Chevy Super Sport headed for the junkyard, bought it for a song, and overhauled it with his dads help, turning it into the big red muscle car it was back in its day.

*: Although they believe they can overhaul their 2-0 deficit, they cannot afford to be as lethargic as this at Camp Nou, and the time is surely approaching when Manuel Pellegrinis faith in Martín Demichelis wavers.

*: In theory there was a runner ahead of him who would pause to sleep. Who would falter and fall. Who would despair at the size of the desert. Because Logan did none of these he would overhaul the runner and kill him.

: ux|en|You use strips of paper in papier mache.   He welded together some pieces of strip.

: rfquotek|Farrow

: Norm will strip the old varnish before painting the chair.

*: They stripped Joseph out of his coat.

*: opinions which ... no clergyman could have avowed without imminent risk of being stripped of his gown

*: He was obliged to sell his silver piece by piece; next he sold the drawing-room furniture. All the rooms were stripped; but the bedroom, her own room, remained as before.

*: After the confession, the lawsuits. Lance Armstrongs extended appearance on the Oprah Winfrey network, in which the man stripped of seven Tour de France wins finally admitted to doping, has opened him up to several multi-million dollar legal challenges.

: The thread is stripped.

: The screw is stripped.

*: when first they stripped the Malean promontory

*: Before he reached it he was out of breath, / And then the other stripped him.

: "I overtook and passed the doctor between Woking and Send." 1898, [[w:H. G. Wells|H. G. Wells]], [[s:The War of the Worlds|The War of the Worlds]]

: "Our plans were overtaken by events."

: The governments disregard for the needs of disabled people is outrageous.

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