olennainen englanniksi   substantive, germane, indispensable, essential, integral, material, fundamental, relevant, thing, basic, vital, pertinent, intrinsic, substantial


*: In one sense the first debate achieved the worst of all worlds: it managed to be technical, even dull, without being substantive or especially honest.

*: Strength and magnitude are qualities which impress the imagination in a powerful and substantive manner.

*: He considered how sufficient and substantive this land was to maintain itself without any aid of the foreigner.

*: Yet this much is germane to the present inquiry:

: The law was moral and indispensable. -Bp. Burnet

: An indispensable component of a heart-healthy diet.

: Don’t mind him being grumpy. That’s the essential Fred.

*: Is it true, that thou art but a name, / And no essential thing?

*: Ceasing to do evil, and doing good, are the two great integral parts that complete this duty.

*: A local motion keepeth bodies integral.

: The integral of x\mapsto x^2 on [0,1] is \frac{1}{3}.

: The integral of x^2 is \frac{x^3}{3} plus a constant.

: This compound has a number of interesting material properties.

*: the material elements of the universe

: Dont let material concerns get in the way of living a happy life.

: Youve made several material contributions to this project.

: This is the most material fact in this lawsuit.

*: discourse, which was always material, never trifling

*: I shall, in the account of simple ideas, set down only such as are most material to our present purpose.

: ux|en|Asphalt, composed of oil and sand, is a widely used material for roads.

: ux|en|We were a warm-up act at the time; we didnt have enough original material to headline.

*: With fresh material, taxonomic conclusions are leavened by recognition that the material examined reflects the site it occupied; a herbarium packet gives one only a small fraction of the data desirable for sound conclusions. Herbarium material does not, indeed, allow one to extrapolate safely: what you see is what you get...

: ux|en|Youll need about a yard of material to make this.

*: Mind you, clothes were clothes in those days. There was a great deal of them, lavish both in material and in workmanship.

: ux|en|John Doe is a great governor, and I also believe he is presidential material.

*: I believe that the whole frame of a beast doth perish, and is left in the same state after death as before it was materialled unto life.

: ux|en|a fundamental truth;   a fundamental axiom

: ux|en|A need for belonging seems fundamental to humans.

: His mother provided some relevant background information concerning his medical condition.

: ux|en|Bacon pie? Is that a thing?

: ux|en|get me a thing of apple juice at the store;  I just ate a whole thing of jelly beans

: ux|en|The car looks cheap, but the thing is, I have doubts about its safety.

*: “Oh Gertie it’s true. It’s all true. They’ve got a horrid gash instead of a thrilling thing.”

: ux|en|you poor thing;  shes a funny old thing, but her hearts in the right place;  I met a pretty blond thing at the bar

: ux|en|thats the thing: we dont know where he went;  the thing is, I dont have any money

: ux|en|Oh yeah, Im supposed to promote that vision thing.

*: Don’t forget to have Gomez postpone that shooting thing. qualifier|in reference to the execution of Fernandez

*: In accordance with Old Germanic custom men came to the thing fully armed, [...]

*: The goðar seem both to have received payment of thing-fararkaup from those who stayed home and at the same time compensated those who went to the thing, and it cannot be seen whether they had any profit from these transactions.

*: All Icelandic things were skap-thing, meaning that they were governed by established procedure and met at regular legally designated intevals at predetermined meeting places.

: Flour is a basic ingredient of bread.

: The Hotel Sparta’s accommodation is purely basic.

*: Im not saying people are jealous of Hathaway because she is so perfect. Yes, she does have it all — husband, healthy career, good looks. But she doesnt do anything in an "awesome" way. Shes basic.

*: And what can be said about Ginny? She’s basic. My guess is that she spends her time drinking pumpkin spice lattes and watching “Pretty Little Liars.” The Chosen One is way out of her quidditch league.

*: "I couldnt get into it, I could barely understand what hes saying – it had too much cursing and explicit language," said Cortnee Brandon. "I think his lyrics are easy...hes basic. Kendrick Lamar is kind of overrated."

: Rice is a basic for many Asian villagers.

: Arithmetic is a basic for the study of mathematics.

: vital energies; vital functions; vital actions

: The brain is a vital organ.

*: Do the heavens afford him vital food?

: The transition to farming was vital for the creation of civilisation.

: Birth, marriage and death certificates are vital records.

: It is vital that you dont forget to do your homework.

*: spirits that live throughout, vital in every part

*: The dart flew on, and pierced a vital part.

*: Pythagoras and Hippocrates ... affirm the birth of the seventh month to be vital.

*: Fourthly, I have made an effort to call the attention of the reader to the pertinent literature.

: the intrinsic value of gold or silver

: the intrinsic merit of an action

*: He was better qualified than they to estimate justly the intrinsic value of Grecian philosophy and refinement.

: You can acquire the fire-resistance intrinsic by eating dragon meat.

: A substantial amount of people in this buliding

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