oletus englanniksi   postulate fi, view fi, default fi, assumption fi, surmise fi


: rfquotek|Hudibras

*: But this pleasure or pain is postulated to come to us accompanied by the idea of an external cause; ...

*: [T]he attempt to arrive at a physical explanation of existence led the Ionian thinkers to postulate various primal elements or simply the infinite ?? ???????.

*: [A]lthough Douglas was postulated to it [the Abbacy of Arbroath], and signed letters and papers under this designation his nomination ... was never completed.

: ux|en|He changed seat to get a complete view of the stage.

*: Thenceforth I thought thee worth my nearer view.

*: Objects near our view are thought greater than those of a larger size are more remote.

: ux|en|If there are any rabbits in this park, they keep carefully out of our view.

*: The walls of Plutos palace are in view.

: ux|en|My flat has a view of a junkyard.

: ux|en|the view from a window

*: Tis distance lends enchantment to the view.

*: [Graces] which, by the splendor of her view / Dazzled, before we never knew.

: ux|en|a fine view of Lake George

: ux|en|I need more information to get a better view of the situation.

*: I have with exact view perused thee, Hector.

: ux|en|Your view on evolution is based on religion, not on scientific findings.

*: to give a right view of this mistaken part of liberty

: ux|en|From my view that is a stupid proposition.

: ux|en|He smuggled a knife into prison with a view to using it as a weapon.

*: No man sets himself about anything but upon some view or other which serves him for a reason.

: ux|en|He viewed the painting and praised the artist for his masterpiece.

: ux|en|To view the desktop, click the small desktop icon on the bottom of your screen.

: He failed to make payments on time and is now in default.

: You may cure this default by paying the full amount within a week.

: The teams three losses include one default.

: The man became the leader of the group as a default.

: If you dont specify a number of items, the default is 1.

: This evil has happened through the governors default.

*: And pardon craved for his so rash default.

*: regardless of our merit or default

: If you do not make your payments, you will default on your loan.

: If you refuse to wear a proper uniform, you will not be allowed to compete and will default this match.

: If you dont specify a number of items, it defaults to 1.

: His assumption of secretarial duties was timely.

: Their assumption of his guilt disqualified them from jury duty.

: surmises of jealousy or of envy

*: No man ought to be charged with principles he actually disowns, unless his practices contradict his profession; not upon small surmises.

*: The meeting had been devoid of incident. No word had been said to give me anything to think about, and any surmises I might make were unwarranted. I was intrigued.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

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