olio englanniksi   entity fi, olio en, object fi, creature fi


*: It is also pertinent to note that the current obvious decline in work on holarctic hepatics most surely reflects a current obsession with cataloging and with nomenclature of the organisms—as divorced from their study as living entities.

: The group successfully maintains its tribal entity.

*: The object of tlachtli was to keep the rubber ball from touching the ground while trying to push it to the opponents endline.

: Mary Jane had been the object of Peters affection for years.

: The convertible, once object of his desire, was now the object of his hatred.

*: He, advancing close / Up to the lake, past all the rest, arose / In glorious object.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: I object to the proposal to build a new airport terminal.

*: He gave to him to object his heinous crime.

*: Others object the poverty of the nation.

*: The book ... giveth liberty to object any crime against such as are to be ordered.

*: Of less account some knight thereto object, / Whose loss so great and harmful can not prove.

*: some strong impediment or other objecting itself

*: Pallas to their eyes / The mist objected, and condensed the skies.

*: Thoughts, my mindes creatures, often are with thee, / But I, their maker, want their libertie.

*: the natural truth of God is an artificial erection of Man, and the Creator himself but a subtile invention of the Creature.

: ux|en|Hes a creature of habit.   insects and other creatures

*: they, too, despite the appearance of being creatures rather than creators of the Union, could assert the prior sovereignty of their states, for each had formed a state constitution […] before petitioning Congress for admission to the Union.

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