päättää englanniksi   wind up fi, close fi, determine fi, cease fi, rule fi, elect fi, resolve fi, bear fi, terminate fi, decide fi, opt fi, wrap up fi


: I followed the signs, and I wound up getting nowhere.

: Even though he had bad news, he tried to wind up his speech on a positive note.

: Your pocket watch will run for a long time if you wind up the spring all the way.

*: Their feet padded softly on the ground, and they crept quite close to him, twitching their noses, while the Rabbit stared hard to see which side the clockwork stuck out, for he knew that people who jump generally have something to wind them up. But he couldnt see it. They were evidently a new kind of rabbit altogether.

: Try not to wind up the kids too much right before bedtime.

: Twenty quid? Are you winding me up?

: ux|en|Close the door behind you when you leave.

: ux|en|Jim was listening to headphones with his eyes closed.

*: What deep wounds ever closed without a scar?

*: If I close my eyes I can see Marie today as I saw her then. Round, rosy face, snub nose, dark hair piled up in a chignon.

: ux|en|The runner in second place is closing the gap on the leader.

: ux|en|to close the ranks of an army

*: They boldly closed in a hand-to-hand contest.

: ux|en|close the session;   to close a bargain;   to close a course of instruction

*: One frugal supper did our studies close.

: ux|en|The debate closed at six oclock.

: ux|en|He has closed the last two games for his team.

*: The depth closed me round about.

*: But now Thou dost Thyself immure and close / In some one corner of a feeble heart; / Where yet both Sinne and Satan, Thy old foes, / Do pinch and straiten Thee, and use much art / To gain Thy thirds and little part.

: We owe them our thanks for bringing the project to a successful close.

*: His long and troubled life was drawing to a close.

*: The doors of plank were; their close exquisite.

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

*: At every close she made, the attending throng / Replied, and bore the burden of the song.

*: There is nothinge so close, that shall not be openned, and nothinge so hyd that shall not be knowen.

*: From a close bower this dainty music flowed.

: a close alley; close quarters

*: a close prison

: ux|en|Is your house close?

: ux|en|He is a close friend.

*: If the rooms be low-roofed, or full of windows and doors, the one maketh the air close, ... and the other maketh it exceeding unequal.

: a close prisoner

*: He yet kept himself close because of Saul.

*: her close intent

: a close contest

: to cut grass or hair close

*: The golden globe being put into a press, ... the water made itself way through the pores of that very close metal.

: close reasoning

*: Where the original is close no version can reach it in the same compass.

: Money is close.

: rfquotek|Bartlett

*: a crusty old fellow, as close as a vice

: a close translation

: rfquotek|John Locke

: The patient was kept under close observation.

*: closes surrounded by the venerable abodes of deans and canons.

: rfquotek|Bouvier

*: [God] hath determined the times before appointed.

*: The knowledge of men hitherto hath been determined by the view or sight.

*: The character of the soul is determined by the character of its God.

*: something divinely beautiful ... that at some time or other might influence or even determine her course of life

: Someone elses will determined me to this course.

: The court has determined the cause.

: The news of his fathers illness determined him to depart immediately.

*: Now, where is he that will not stay so long / Till his friend sickness hath determined me?

: And with that, his twitching ceased.

: And with that, he ceased twitching.

*: The poor shall never cease out of the land.

: ux|en|All participants must adhere to the rules.

*: We profess to have embraced a religion which contains the most exact rules for the government of our lives.

*: A judicious artist will use his eye, but he will trust only to his rule.

*: Theres little can be said in t; Tis against the rule of nature.

*: Obey them that have the rule over you.

*: His stern rule the groaning land obeyed.

: My rule is to rise at six oclock.

: ux|en|As a rule, our senior editors are serious-minded.

*: This uncivil rule; she shall know of it.

: rfquotek|Wharton

: a rule for extracting the cube root

: ux|en|This game rules!

*: Thats a ruled case with the schoolmen.

*: Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth.

*: Shall not God avenge his won elect?

: He is the President-elect.

*: She began almost to feel a dislike of Edward; and it ended, as every feeling must end with her, by carrying back her thoughts to Willoughby, whose manners formed a contrast sufficiently striking to those of his brother elect.

*: colours quaint elect

*: the elect angels

: to resolve a riddle

*: Resolve my doubt.

: ux|en|I’ll have to resolve the equation with the new values.

: ux|en|I resolve to finish this work before I go home.

: He was resolved by an unexpected event.

: ux|en|After two weeks of [[bicker]]ing, they finally resolved their differences.

*: O, that this too too solid flesh would melt, / Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew!

*: Ye immortal souls, who once were men, / And now resolved to elements again.

*: Resolve me, Reason, which of these is worse, / Want with a full, or with an empty purse?

*: In health, good air, pleasure, riches, I am resolved it can not be equalled by any region.

*: We must be resolved how the law can be pure and perspicuous, and yet throw a polluted skirt over these Eleusinian mysteries.

*: When the blood stagnates in any part, it first coagulates, then resolves, and turns alkaline.

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

: It took all my resolve to go through with it.

*: ‘The bears pulling somebody off there at 74,’ reported someone else.

*: I have everything it takes to be a bear: broad shoulders, full beard, semibald pate, and lots of body hair. But I dont want to be a fetish.

*: There are numerous social organizations for bears in most parts of the United States. Lesbians dont have such prominent sexual subcultures as gay men, although, as just mentioned, some lesbians are into BDSM practices.

: to bear a railroad stock

: to bear the market

: The great bear market starting in 1929 scared a whole generation of investors.

: This stone bears most of the weight.

*: Ill bear your logs the while.

*: imitations that bear the same name as the things

: the right to bear arms

: The shield bore a red cross.

: The jury could see he was bearing false witness.

: I would never move to Texas—I cant bear heat.

: Please bear with me as I try to find the book you need.

: In Troy she becomes Paris’ wife, bearing him several children, all of whom die in infancy.

*: this age to blossom, and the next to bear

: The harbour bears north by northeast.

: By my readings, were bearing due south, so we should turn about ten degrees east.

: Great Falls bears north of Bozeman.

*: Man is born to bear.

*: I cannot, cannot bear.

*: These men bear hard on the suspected party.

: to bring matters to bear

: How does this bear on the question?

*: Her sentence bore that she should stand a certain time upon the platform.

*: Bear them to my house.

*: Every man should bear rule in his own house.

*: the ancient grudge I bear him

*: Some think to bear it by speaking a great word.

*: She was ... found not guilty, through bearing of friends and bribing of the judge.

*: He shall bear their iniquities.

*: somewhat that will bear your charges

*: the credit of bearing a part in the conversation

*: In all criminal cases the most favourable interpretation should be put on words that they can possibly bear.

*: Thus must thou thy body bear.

*: Hath he borne himself penitently in prison?

*: His faithful dog shall bear him company.

: ux|en|to terminate a surface by a line

: ux|en|to terminate an effort, or a controversy

*: ux|en|During this interval of calm and prosperity, he terminated two figures of slaves, destined for the tomb, in an incomparable style of art.

: ux|en|Mountains on the Moon cast shadows that are very dark, terminate and more distinct than those cast by mountains on the Earth.

: ux|en|One third is a recurring decimal, but one half is a terminate decimal.

: The election will be decided on foreign policies.

: We must decide our next move.

: Her last-minute goal decided the game.

*: The quarrel toucheth none but us alone; / Betwixt ourselves let us decide it then.

: You must decide between good and evil.

: I have decided that it is healthier to walk to work.

*: So shall thy judgment be; thyself hast decided it.

*: It decides me to look into the matter, for if it is worth anyones while to take so much trouble, there must be something in it.

*: Our seat denies us traffic here; / The sea, too near, decides us from the rest.

: He opted not to go.

: She opted for the salad rather than the steak.

: He wrapped up the parcel with brown paper.

: Let me wrap up this project before I begin a new one.

: Its a cold, snowy day and Im going to wrap up thoroughly before I go sledding.

: The newscaster wrapped up the days events.

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