päivittäinen englanniksi   quotidian, diurnal, daily


*: Quotidian periodicity we find in greater or less degree in nearly all fevers, particularly in fevers associated with suppuration.

*: I regret that the effect of these statements is a denial of the observation of initial quotidian paroxysms following artificial inoculation.

*: I know that the governments daily idea to solve the countrys law and order problem is not meant to be taken too seriously, but every now and again I am moved to raise an eyebrow at the quotidian suggestion.

*: Tragedy demanded verse, not the quotidian prose of comedy, and verse usually supplied some form of end rhyme.

*: Grids are used for such quotidian items as stationery, business cards, mailing labels, hang tags, instruction manuals, etc.

*: If I could meet that Fancie-monger, I would giue him some good counsel, for he seemes to haue the Quotidian of Loue vpon him.

*: I myself was, about two years since, strangely cured of a violent quotidian, which all the wonted method of physick had not so much abated, by applying to my wrists a mixture of two handfuls of bay-salt, two handfuls of the freshest English hops, and a quarter of a pound of blue currants [...].

*: More than opposable thumbs and the invention of the flinthead axe, it was our ability to transcend the quotidian by weaving tales of awe and wonder that set us apart from the beasts.

: Most birds are diurnal.

*: Ere twice the horses of the sun shall bring / Their fiery torcher his diurnal ring.

*: He was by birth, some authors write, / A Russian, some a [[Muscovite]], / And mong the [[Cossack]]s had been bred, / Of whom we in diurnals read.

*: Give us this day our daily bread.

*: Bunyan has told us ... that in New England his dream was the daily subject of the conversation of thousands.

*: Man hath his daily work of body or mind / Appointed, which declares his dignity, / And the regard of Heaven on all his ways.

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