pakata englanniksi   compress fi, case fi, package fi, zip fi, stow fi


: The force required to compress a spring varies linearly with the displacement.

*: events of centuries ... compressed within the compass of a single life

*: The same strength of expression, though more compressed, runs through his historical harangues.

: Our new model compresses easily, ideal for storage and travel

: This chart compresses the entire audit report into a few lines on a single diagram.

: If you try to compress the entire book into a three-sentence summary, you will lose a lot of information.

: rfquotek|Alexander Pope

: He held a cold compress over the sprain.

: ux|en|For a change, in this case, he was telling the truth.

: ux|en|It is not the case that every unfamiliar phrase is an idiom.

: ux|en|In case of fire, break glass. [sign on fire extinguisher holder in public space]

*: Ne wist he how to turne, nor to what place: / Was never wretched man in such a wofull cace.

: ux|en|It was one of the detectives easiest cases.  Social workers should work on a maximum of forty active cases.  The doctor told us of an interesting case he had treated that morning.

: ux|en|The teaching consists of theory lessons and case studies.

: ux|en|The accusative case canonically indicates a direct object.  Latin has six cases, and remnants of a seventh.

*: Now, the Subject of either an indicative or a subjunctive Clause is always assigned Nominative case, as we see from:
(16) (a)   I know [that they/*them/*their leave for Hawaii tomorrow]
(16) (b)   I demand [that they/*them/*their leave for Hawaii tomorrow]
By contrast, the Subject of an infinitive Clause is assigned Objective case, as we see from:
(17)   I want [them/*they/*their to leave for Hawaii tomorrow]
And the Subject of a gerund Clause is assigned either Objective or Genitive case: cf.
(18)   I dont like the idea of [them/their/*they leaving for Hawaii tomorrow]

: ux|en|Jane has been studying case in Caucasian languages.  Latin is a language that employs case.

: ux|en|There were another five cases reported overnight.

*: Place a break statement at the end of every case to prevent case fall-through.

*: Execution does not automatically stop at the next case.

*: Casing upon the matter.

: a case for spectacles; the case of a watch

: a door case; a window case

: rfquotek|Knight

: He drew the case eight!

*: The man who, cased in steel, had passed whole days and nights in the saddle.

*: You are in the grounds of Brockholes Abbey, a house into which a great deal of valuable property has just been moved. And your job is to case the joint for a break in.

*: Bonnie worked as a daycare director. She helped case the FBI office by posing as a college student interested in becoming an FBI agent.

: Did you test the software package to ensure completeness?

: the "dime" defensive package

: For third and short, theyre going to bring in their jumbo package.

: zip ones lip

: The bullet zipped through the air.

: Zip down to the shops for some milk.

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