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: ux|en|I have pale yellow wallpaper.

: ux|en|She had pale skin because she didnt get much sunlight.

*: “Heavens!” exclaimed Nina, “the blue-stocking and the fogy!—and yours are pale blue, Eileen!—you’re about as self-conscious as Drina—slumping there with your hair tumbling à la Mérode! Oh, its very picturesque, of course, but a straight spine and good grooming is better.nb...

: ux|en|His face turned pale after hearing about his mothers death.

: He is but a pale shadow of his former self.

*: Apt to pale at a trodden worm.

: 2006 [ New York Times] Its financing pales next to the tens of billions that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will have at its disposal, ...

*: The matter of whether the world needs a fourth Ice Age movie pales beside the question of why there were three before it, but Continental Drift feels less like an extension of a theatrical franchise than an episode of a middling TV cartoon, lolling around on territory that’s already been settled.

*: The glowworm shows the matin to be near, / And gins to pale his uneffectual fire.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: Deer creep through when a pale tumbles down.

*: Fourthly, they shall not vpon any occasion whatsoeuer breake downe any of our pales, or come into any of our Townes or forts by any other waies, issues or ports then ordinary [...].

*: to walk the studious cloisters pale

*: Men so situated, beyond the pale of the honor and the law, are not to be trusted.

*: All things considered, we advise the male reader to keep his desires in check till he is at least twenty-five, and the female not to enter the pale of wedlock until she has attained the age of twenty.

*: He knows the fortifications – crumbling – and beyond the city walls the lands of the Pale, its woods, villages and marshes, its sluices, dykes and canals.

*: A low-lying, marshy enclave stretching eighteen miles along the coast and pushing some eight to ten miles inland, the Pale of Calais nestled between French Picardy to the west and, to the east, the imperial-dominated territories of Flanders.

: rfquotek|Simmonds

: rfquotek|Spencer

: [Your isle, which stands] ribbed and paled in / With rocks unscalable and roaring waters. — Shakespeare.

*: Then Saul, (who also is called Paul,) filled with the Holy Ghost, set his eyes on him.

*: He will be christened Paul, my - Mrs Dombey - of course.

*: She feebly echoed, Of course, or rather expressed it by the motion of her lips, and closed her eyes again.

*: His fathers name, Mrs Dombey, and his grandfathers! I wish his grandfather were alive this day! There is some inconvenience in the necessity of writing Junior, said Mr Dombey, making a fictitious autograph on his knee; but it is merely of a private and personal complexion. It doesnt enter into the correspondence of the House. Its signature remains the same.

: John plans to pal around with Joe today.

: We have surveyors stakes at all four corners of this field, to mark exactly its borders.

*: A sharpened stake strong Dryas found.

: Thomas Cranmer was burnt at the stake.

: The owners let the managers eventually earn a stake in the business.

*: Every city, or stake, including a chief town and surrounding towns, has its president, with two counselors; and this president has a high council of chosen men.

: to stake vines or plants.

*: Ill stake yon lamb, that near the fountain plays.

: John went broke, so to keep him playing, Jill had to stake him.

: His family staked him $10,000 to get his business started.

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