palautua englanniksi   resile fi, defrost fi, resort fi, recover fi, revert fi


: I have just defrosted the fridge.

: Will you defrost the chops for supper tonight?

: See you tomorrow evening; Ill have defrosted from my trip by then.

: to have resort to violence

*: Join with me to forbid him her resort.

*: far from all resort of mirth

*: "If further sorting is required, begin anew with opcode = 0. opcode = -3 may be set to build an index file following an initial sort with opcode set to 0, or a resort with opcode set to -1.

*: Some ... know the resorts and falls of business that cannot sink into the main of it.

: ux|en|After days of inquiries, he finally recovered his lost wallet.

*: David recovered all that the Amalekites had carried away.

: ux|en|At the top of the hill I asked to stop for a few minutes to recover my strength.

*: With much ado the Christians recovered to Antioch.

*: The forest is not three leagues off; / If we recover that, were sure enough.

*: Except he could recover one of the Cities of Refuge he was to die.

*: The wine in my bottle will recover him.

*: Cnelius a physician...gave him a clyster, by which he was speedily recovered.

*: that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him

: to recover lost time

*: Even good men have many failings and lapses to lament and recover.

: ux|en|To the end of his days, he never fully recovered his daughters death.

*: I do hope to recover my late hurt.

*: when I had recovered a little my first surprise

: ux|en|I was hurt, but I knew Id recover, given time.

: ux|en|Spinning round, he caught a stone with his ankle, but recovered quickly before turning to face me.

: The plaintiff has recovered in his suit.

: to recover damages in trespass; to recover debt and costs in a suit at law

: to recover lands in ejectment or common recovery

: to recover judgement against a defendant

*: It was neuer in my thoughte saide la?celot to withholde the quene from my lord Arthur / but in soo moche she shold haue ben dede for my sake / me semeth it was my parte to saue her lyf and putte her from that daunger tyl better recouer myghte come / & now I thanke god sayd sir Launcelot that the pope hath made her pees

: rfquotek|Sir Walter Scott

*: [...] Cyril III ibn Laqlaq’s correspondence which reflects genuine—if intentionally vague—concern for the secretive community of Christian converts and reverts [who had converted to Islam before].

*: Zeba Siddiqui, herself a revert and editor of the Parents Manual: A Guide for Muslim Parents Living in North America, contributed to this book as a consultant.

*: Parents should not reject a proposal without good reason — and being a revert with a past is not an acceptable one.

: Weve found that git reverts are at least an order of magnitude faster than SVN reverse merges.

*: Till happy Chance reverts the cruel scene.

*: The tumbling stream ... / Reverted, plays in undulating flow.

: ux|en|If they attack, we will revert to the bunker.

*: So that my arrows / Would have reverted to my bow again.

: ux|en|When a book goes out of print, rights revert from the publisher to the author.

: ux|en|Sometimes a publisher will automatically revert rights back to an author once a book has gone out of print.

: ux|en|Phosphoric acid in certain fertilizers reverts.

*: He added that Islam is the religion of justice which rejects injustice, referring to the case of Mike Tyson and how he has become a real problem to the West since he reverted to Islam.

*: The mission of translating the Quran had preoccupied Pickthalls mind since he reverted to Islam.

*: But once he reverted to Islam, he attended as many lectures as he could, listened to Islamic tapes and the recitations of Quran. Subtly and gradually his moods were stabilized, and he started to have positive outlook on life.

: ux|en|Please revert before Monday.

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