paljastaa englanniksi   spill the beans, give away, shop, expose, bare, reveal, discover, divulge, unmask, betray, expound, dedicate, unfold, falsify, denote, disclose


: They had planned it as a surprise party, but somebody spilled the beans.

: I didnt like that book, so I gave it away.

*: This issue marks a first of its kind for St. Louis Magazine: Weve given away our cover feature.... In early summer, our editors... posed a collective question: What if we asked some... citizens what the future should look like? Well give each of them... 200 words of space in the magazine....

*: It was a risk: Editors like to control magazine content....

: Who giveth away this woman to this man in Holy matrimony?

: He gave himself away with a stupid lie.

: He gave away his hiding place when he accidentally sneezed.

: Despite giving away twenty pounds in weight, the challenger found a knock-out blow in the second round.

*: From shop to shop / Wandering, and littering with unfolded silks / The polished counter.

*: A tailor called me in his shop.

: Our company is mostly a Java shop.

: This is where I do my weekly shop.

: I went shopping early, before the Christmas rush.

: He’s shopping for clothes.

: He shopped his mates in to the police.

*: This they do, as a rule, by exposing the child or throwing it into the sea.

: a bare majority

*: the bare necessaries of life

: Dont show your bare backside in public.

: a room bare of furniture

: The cupboard was bare.

*: Localities across New Jersey imposed curfews to prevent looting. In Monmouth, Ocean and other counties, people waited for hours for gasoline at the few stations that had electricity. Supermarket shelves were stripped bare.

: The walls of this room are bare — why not hang some paintings on them?

: The trees were left bare after the swarm of locusts devoured all the leaves.

: Its bare money to get in the club each time, man.

*: When once thy foot enters the church, be bare.

*: Bare in thy guilt, how foul must thou appear!

*: It appears by their bare liveries that they live by your bare words.

: This pornos bare [[whack]], [[bruv]].

*: In sad good earnest, sir, you have toucht the very bare of naked truth [...]

*: Vancha clasped the bare of my neck and squeezed amiably.

*: You have touched the very bare of naked truth.

: She bared her teeth at him.

*: The feet of the priest that bare the ark were dipped in the brim of the water.

*: And so I put thee on my shoulder and bare thee back, and here thou art in Davids room, and shalt find board and bed with me as long as thou hast mind to

*: The building has a one-story rusticated limestone base and a canopied entrance with a doorman beneath an attractive, rusticated limestone window reveal on the second floor and a very impressive and ornate limestone window reveal on the third floor flanked by female figures.

: The comedian had been telling us about his sleep being disturbed by noise. Then came the reveal: he was sleeping on a bed in a department store.

*: Light was the wound, the princes care unknown, / She might not, would not, yet reveal her own.

: ux|en|The gust of wind discovered a bone in the sand.

: ux|en|This move discovers an attack on a vital pawn.

: ux|en|I discovered my plans to the rest of the team.

*: Go, draw aside the curtains, and discover / The several caskets to this noble prince.

*: Prosperity doth best discover vice; but adversity doth best discover virtue.

*: they seyde the same, and were aggreed that Sir Clegis, Sir Claryon, and Sir Clement the noble, that they sholde dyscover the woodys, bothe the dalys and the downys.

: ux|en|Turning the corner, I discovered a lovely little shop. I discovered that they sold widgets.

*: The youth discovered a taste for sculpture.

*: The English Cooks keep all their Spices in separate boxes, but the French Cooks make a spicey mixture that does not discover a predominancy of any one of the spices over the others.

*: Again, to take a less extreme example, there is no denying that although the dialects of northern France retained their fundamentally Romance character, they betray many Germanic influences in phonetics and vocabulary, [...]

: dedicated their money to scientific research.

: dedicated ourselves to starting our own business. See Synonyms at [[devote]].

: dedicate a monument.

*: Dedicate to nothing temporal.

*: His life is dedicate to worthiness.----

*: Unfold thy forehead gathered into frowns.

: ux|en|to unfold a map; to unfold a tablecloth; she unpacks the new dress and unfolds it carefully

*: Memento unfolds over 22 scenes—or, more accurately, 22 strands of time, the main strand (in color) moving backward in increments, and another strand (in black and white) going forward, though the two overlap profoundly.

*: Pity me not, but lend thy serious hearing  To what I shall unfold.

*: Unfold the passion of my love.

: ux|en|to unfold ones designs;  to unfold the principles of a science

: ux|en|to unfold sheep

: to falsify a record or document

*: The Irish bards use to forge and falsify everything as they list, to please or displease any man.

*: By how much better than my word I am, / By so much shall I falsify mens hope.

*: Jews and Pagans united all their endeavors, under Julian the apostate, to baffle and falsify the prediction.

: to falsify coin

: rfquotek|Story

: rfquotek|Daniell

*: For disputants (as swordsmen use to fence / With blunted foyles) engage with blunted sense; / And as th are wont to falsify a blow, / Use nothing else to pass upon a foe ...

: to falsify ones faith or word

: rfquotek|Sir Philip Sidney

: The yellow blazes denote the trail.

: The tears denoted her true feelings.

: "Pre-" denotes "before."

*: The ostrich layeth her eggs under sand, where the heat of the discloseth them.

*: The shells being broken, ... the stone included in them is thereby disclosed and set at liberty.

*: Its brown curtain was only half drawn, disclosing the elegant legs, clad in transparent black, of a female seated inside.

*: Her lively looks a sprightly mind disclose.

*: If I disclose my passion, / Our friendships at an end.

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