palkkio englanniksi   remuneration, stipend, honorarium, fee, reward, consideration, bounty, compensation, incentive


: My stipend for doing public service is barely enough to cover living expenses.

*: As well as enjoying links in the royal court, he was said to stipend some 200 individuals in the city of Paris to spread favourable news stories about himself.----

*: Once did she hold the gorgeous East in fee.

*: What doth the poor mans son inherit? / Stout muscles and a sinewy heart, / A hardy frame, a hardier spirit; / King of two hands, he does his part / In every useful toil and art; / A heritage, it seems to me, / A king might wish to hold in fee.

*: Cronshaw had told him that the facts of life mattered nothing to him who by the power of fancy held in fee the twin realms of space and time.

*: For though sweet love to conquer glorious bee, / Yet is the paine thereof much greater than the fee.

*: The patient . . . fees the doctor.

*: Theres not a one of them but in his house I keep a servant feed.

*: We departed the grounds without seeing Marbonna; and previous to vaulting over the picket, feed our pretty guide, after a fashion of our own.

: For catching the thief, youll get a nice reward.

: The rewards for bringing in badly wanted criminals are printed on dead or alive posters

: Is this the reward I get for telling the truth: to be put in jail?

*: Thenne syr Marhaus departed and within two dayes his damoysel brought hym where as was a grete tornement that the lady de Vawse has cryed /.../ And there syr Marhaus dyd so nobly that he was renomed / & had somtyme doune fourty knyghtes / and soo the serklet of gold was rewarded hym

*: Thou hast rewarded me good, whereas I have rewarded thee evil.

: ux|en|Why are you rewarding the child for misbehaving?

: ux|en|Decorations are meant to reward the most meritous acts and services.

: After much consideration, I have decided to stay.

: You showed remarkable consideration in giving up your place for your friend.

: Will you noisy children show some consideration and stop your infernal screaming? Im trying to study!

: Sure Ill move my car, but only for a consideration.

*: [...] settled down on a small property he had near Quimper to live for the rest of his days in peace; but the failure of an attorney left him suddenly penniless, and neither he nor his wife was willing to live in penury where they had enjoyed consideration.

: rfquotek|Emerson

*: The parliament which dissolved the monastic foundations ... vouchsafed not a word toward securing the slightest compensation to the dispossessed owners.

*: No pecuniary compensation can possibly reward them.

: ux|en|I have no incentive to do housework right now.

: ux|en|Management offered the sales team a $500 incentive for each car sold.

*: Competency is the most incentive to industry.

*: Part incentive reed / Provide, pernicious with one touch of fire.

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