par englanniksi   Par en, PAR en, pair sv, via fr, per fr, out of fr, par en, through fr, couple sv, by fr, peer sv


: ux|en|I couldnt decide which of the pair of designer shirts I preferred, so I bought the pair.

: ux|en|Spouses should make a great pair.

: ux|en|a pair of scissors; two pairs of spectacles; several pairs of jeans

: ux|en|A pair is harder to drive than two mounts with separate riders.

: ux|en|They turned a pair to end the fifth.

: ux|en|The Pirates took a pair from the Phillies.

: ux|en|Shes got a gorgeous pair.

: There were two pairs on the final vote.

*: plunging myself into poverty and shabbiness and love in one room up three pair of stairs

*: Two crowns in my pocket, two pair of cards.

*: Glossy jet is paired with shining white.

: The wedding guests were paired boy/girl and grooms party/brides party. suositut haut
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