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: ux|en|The English language and the German language are related.

: ux|en|Deaf and mute people communicate using languages like [[ASL]].

*: Hence the natural language of the mute is, in schools of this class, suppressed as soon and as far as possible, and its existence as a language, capable of being made the reliable and precise vehicle for the widest range of thought, is ignored.

*: Mr. Darko, generally acknowledged to be the last surviving member of the Ofo Tribe, was also the last remaining speaker of the tribes language.

: ux|en|the gift of language

: ux|en|legal language;   the language of chemistry

*: Thus, when he drew up instructions in lawyer language, he expressed the important words by an initial, a medial, or a final consonant, and made scratches for all the words between; his clerks, however, understood him very well.

: ux|en|body language;   the language of the eyes

*: A tale about themselves [is] told by people with help from the universal languages of their eyes, their hands, and even their shirting feet.

*: A more likely hypothesis was that the attacked leaves were transmitting some airborne chemical signal to sound the alarm, rather like insects sending out warnings ... But this is the first time that a plant-to-plant language has been detected.

*: Prairie dogs use their language to refer to real dangers in the real world, so it definitely has meaning.

*: In fact pointers are called references in these languages to distinguish them from pointers in languages like C and C++.

*: Their language simple, as their manners meek, ...

: ux|en|The language used in the law does not permit any other interpretation.

: ux|en|The language he used to talk to me was obscene.

*: Others were languaged in such doubtful expressions that they have a double sense.

*: A flue-pipe is one in which the air passes through the throat, or flue, which is the narrow, longitudinal aperture between the lower lip and the tongue, or language. ... The language is adjusted by slightly elevating or depressing it, ...

: ux|en|We need to have a talk about your homework.

: ux|en|Theres a talk about Shakespeare on tonight.

: ux|en|She is the talk of the day.   The musical is the talk of the town.

: ux|en|The party leaders speech was all talk.

: The leaders of the G8 nations are currently in talks over nuclear weapons.

*: I will buy with you, sell with you, talk with you, walk with you, and so following, but I will not eat with you.

: ux|en|Although I dont speak Chinese I managed to talk with the villagers using signs and gestures.

: ux|en|They sat down to talk business.   We talk French sometimes.

: ux|en|They sat down to talk business.   Were not talking rocket science here: it should be easy.

: ux|en|Suppose he talks?   She can be relied upon not to talk.   They tried to make me talk.

: ux|en|I am not the one to talk.   She is a fine one to talk.   You should talk.   Look whos talking.

: ux|en|People will talk.   Arent you afraid the neighbours will talk?

: ux|en|I was so surprised I couldnt speak.
Youre speaking too fast.

: ux|en|Its been ages since weve spoken.

: ux|en|He spoke of it in his diary.
Speak to me only with your eyes.
Actions speak louder than words.

: ux|en|This evening I shall speak on the topic of correct English usage.

: ux|en|He speaks Mandarin fluently.

*: And they will deceive every one his neighbour, and will not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies, and weary themselves to commit iniquity.

: ux|en|I was so surprised that I couldnt speak a word.

*: There he sat, his very indifference speaking a nature in which there lurked no civilized hypocrisies and bland deceits.

: ux|en|Sorry, I dont speak idiot.
So you can program in C. But do you speak C++?

*: Make all our trumpets speak.

*: [He will] thee in hope; he will speak thee fair.

*: Each village senior paused to scan / And speak the lovely caravan.

: Corporate speak; IT speak

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