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*: "...If he had struck a stroke more to the side just here," said the goblin, tapping the very stone, as it seemed to Curdie, against which his head lay, "he would have been through; but hes a couple of yards past it now, and if he follow the lode it will be a week before it leads him in...."

*: At last the goblins had a chance to rid themselves of one of the troublesome defenders, and two goblin warriors snatched the opportunity.

*: The goblin shifted the two younger ones closer to him. It looked like he was hiding behind them, using them as a shield.

*: The goblin looked pure evil. His eyes were brown.

*: I shall send another entourage of goblins back here to Desput with the goblins’ new ally the Pixy! These creatures deserve the same respect as any other goblin.

*: The Greeks in their tongue call this second type of maxim noema. The gnome is more appropriate to the philosophers, and the noema to the orators, to the poets, and to the historians. To speak by gnomes alone was referred to by the Greeks as "philosophizing" which we Italians would render as "to mouth maxims" (sputar sentenze).

*: Thus, the gnome concerning the precarious nature of, and the potential suffering in, human life sent by the gods uttered by Electra is deconstructed by her choice of paradigm. By using Tantalos as an illustration, the play overturns the apparent meaning of the gnome.

*: He adopts the Rosycrusian fancy of Gnomes, spirits which inhabit the earth, and who by their power form the ores of metals, and all the wonders met with in the inmost recesses of the globe.

*: Gnomes are perhaps the most useful of the elementals.

*: A gnome can carry a person with it as it swims through the soil, provided it is strong enough to lift the person. The gnome cannot, however, provide air for that person....

*: Elementals are the consciousness guiding the four classical elements of earth, fire, air, and water. These elementals are depicted as gnomes, salamanders, diminutive faeries known as sylphs, and merfolk, known as undines, respectively.

*: There were not one but four gnomes standing at his feet. “I nearly trod on you,” Daniel said. “What are you doing here?”

*: The gnomes just stood, looking up at him.

*: My mother-in-law, who swears she is a good Lutheran but is also the most powerful Witch I have ever met, also has at least a dozen small lawn gnomes peeking out from beside her shrubs, next to the lilac bushes, and hanging out with the roses. My husband has already started our collection; as of this writing, four gnomes and one moss-covered rabbit hang out in the shrubbery by the front door, two gnomes live in the dining room, and one guards the perpetual pile of to-do paperwork that lives next to the computer.

: ux|en|the gnomes of Zurich

*: So far the major beneficiaries of the boom in gold have been deposed South American dictators, Middle Eastern potentates, and the gnomes of Zurich.

*: For this is a creation of the City, of the country&

*: The gnomes of Wall Street can trade on rumors, but Warren will only invest after the sale or merger has been announced.

: 1906: It was necessary to troll them along two years with the hope of employing their usual methods, in order to get them to a place too far from their starting-point for retreat. — [[w:Thomas W. Lawson (businessman)|Thomas William Lawson]], [ "Fools and Their Money: Some After-Claps of Frenzied Finance"], Everybodys Magazine XIV(5) May 1906, p. 690

*: Their young men ... trolled along the brooks that abounded in fish.

*: With patient angle trolls the finny deep.

: His favorite place to troll is that bar on 42nd street.

: I am trolling for custom, said the actress to the bishop.

*: trolling isnt aimed at newbies. Its aimed at self-important people

*: to dress and troll the tongue, and roll the eye

*: Then doth she troll to the bowl.

*: Troll the brown bowl.

*: Will you troll the catch?

*: His sonnets charmed the attentive crowd, / By wide-mouthed mortal trolled aloud.

: Troll the ancient Yuletide carol. Fa la la la la la la la la.

*: Next, he opened his stall and spread his meat upon the bench, then, taking his cleaver and steel and clattering them together, he trolled aloud in merry tones:...

: rfquotek|Burke

*: Thence the catch and troll, while "Laughter, holding both his sides," sheds tears to song and ballad pathetic on the woes of married life.

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