penna englanniksi   pencil sv, penna en


*: But living art may not least part expresse, / Nor life-resembling pencill it can payntnb....

*: why is it not lawfull for every man to pourtray himself with his pen, as it was for him to doe it with a pensell?

*: When, by the pencil becoming oblique to the surface, the vergency produced on the pencil becomes changed, the primary and secondary focal points, V and H, separate ...

: I penciled (BrEn: pencilled) it in my notebook.

: There are two steers in the third pen.

: They caught him with a stolen horse, and he wound up in the pen again.

: Two righties are up in the pen.

*: Watching where shepherds pen their flocks at eve.

: He took notes with a pen.

: He has a sharp pen.

*: those learned pens

: ux|en|Hes unhappy because he got pen on his new shirt.

*: And eke the pennes, that did his pineons bynd, / Were like mayne-yards, with flying canuas lynd, / With which whenas him list the ayre to beat ...

: rfquotek|Milton

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