perché englanniksi   pole fr, probe fr, perch fr, bass fr


: Huck Finn poled that raft southward down the Mississippi because going northward against the current was too much work.

: He poled off the serial of the Gulfstream to confirm its identity.

: to pole beans or hops

: to pole hay into a barn

: The function f(z) = \frac{1}{z-3} has a single pole at z = 3.

*: shoots against the dusky pole

: They launched a probe into the cause of the accident.

: Insert the probe into the soil and read the temperature.

: If you probe further, you may discover different reasons.

*: the growing disposition to probe the legality of all acts of the crown

*: Not making his high place the lawless perch / Of winged ambitions.

: The giant spoke in a deep, bass, rumbling voice that shook me to my boots.

: Peter adjusted the equalizer on his audio equipment to emphasize the bass.

: The conductor preferred to situate the bass in the middle rear, rather than to one side of the orchestra.

: Halfway through middle school, Edgar morphed from a soprano to a bass, much to the amazement and amusement of his fellow choristers.

: The musician swung the bass over his head like an axe and smashed it into the amplifier, creating a discordant howl of noise.

: The score had been written without the treble and bass, but it was easy to pick out which was which based on the location of the notes on the staff.

*: ...|The windes did ?ing it to me : and the Thunder
(That deepe and dreadfull Organ-Pipe) pronouncd
The name of Pro?per : it did ba?e my Tre?pa??e

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