petit englanniksi   wee fr, baby fr, small fr, young fr, little fr, petty fr, low fr, short fr, petit en


*: I had not seen a wee boy do it like that before. He was weer than me and his swimming was just like splashing about.

: You looked a little cold so I lit a wee fire.

: to have a wee

: When is your baby due?

: Stand up for yourself - dont be such a baby!

: Hey baby, what are you doing later?

: The annual report has been my baby since September.

: See my new car here? I cant wait to take this baby for a drive.

: a baby boy

: a baby elephant

: baby clothes

: ux|en|A small serving of ice cream.

: ux|en|A small group.

: ux|en|He made us all feel small.

: ux|en|Remember when the children were small?

*: A true delineation of the smallest man is capable of interesting the greatest man.

: a small space of time

*: Thats all one: you shall play it in a mask, and / you may speak as small as you will.

*: Thats going to go in there. Weve got some chives small chopped as well.

*: It small avails my mood.

*: And smalled till she was nought at all.

*: while the fears of the people were young

: ux|en|a lamb is a young sheep;  these picture books are for young readers;  the age of space travel is still young

: ux|en|My grandmother is a very active woman and is quite young for her age.

: ux|en|The cynical world soon shattered my young dreams.

*: Come, come, elder brother, you are too young in this.

: The lion caught a gnu to feed its young.

: ux|en|This is a little table.

: ux|en|Its of little importance.

: ux|en|Did he tell you any embarrassing stories about when she was little?

: ux|en|Thats the biggest little boy Ive ever seen.

: ux|en|This is my little sister.

*: If you want to find Little France, take any turning on the north side of Leicester square, and wander in a zigzag fashion Oxford Streetwards. The Little is rather smokier and more squalid than the Great France upon the other side of the Manche.

*: In the forties, hurdy-gurdy men could still be heard in all those East Coast cities with strong Italian neighbourhoods: New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston. A visit to Baltimores Little Italy at that time was like a trip to Italy itself.

: ux|en|little money;  little herd

: a little sleep

*: The long-necked geese of the world that are ever hissing dispraise, / Because their natures are little.

: ux|en|This is a little known fact.  nowrap|She spoke little and listened less.

*: Little disappointed, then, she turned attention to "Chat of the Social World," gossip which exercised potent fascination upon the girls intelligence. She devoured with more avidity than she had her food those pretentiously phrased chronicles of the snobocracy […] distilling therefrom an acid envy that robbed her napoleon of all its savour.

: ux|en|I was speaking ill of Fred; little did I know that he was right behind me, listening in.

*: But then I had the [massive] flintlock by me for protection. ¶...The linen-press and a chest on the top of it formed, however, a very good gun-carriage; and, thus mounted, aim could be taken out of the windownb..., and a bead could be drawn upon Molly, the dairymaid, kissing the fogger behind the hedge, little dreaming that the deadly tube was levelled at them.

: There is little water left.

: We had very little to do.

: Like a petty god I walked about, admired of all. (Milton, Samson Agonistes, 1671)

: [[petty officer]], [[petty cash]]

: a petty fault

: low spirits

: I felt low at Christmas with no family to celebrate with.

: Food prices are lower in a supermarket than in a luxury department store.

: ux|en|Generally, European men have lower voices than their Indian counterparts.

: ux|en|They spoke in low voices so I would not hear what they were saying.

: ux|en|Why would you want to play heavy metal at such a low volume?

: ux|en|Now that was low even for you!

: a person of low mind

: a low trick or stratagem

: a low pulse

: made low by sickness

: the low northern latitudes

*: Why but to keep ye low and ignorant?

*: In comparison of these divine writers, the noblest wits of the heathen world are low and dull.

: a low diet

: You have achieved a new low in behavior, Frank.

: Economic growth has hit a new low.

: He is in a low right now

: Shift out of low before the car gets to eight miles per hour.

: He got the brand new Yankees jersey for the low.

*: Can sing both high and low.

: to speak low

*: The ... odorous wind / Breathes low between the sunset and the moon.

: He sold his wheat low.

*: In that part of the world which was first inhabited, even as low down as Abrahams time, they wandered with their flocks and herds.

: The moon runs low, i.e. comparatively near the horizon when on or near the meridian.

: rfquotek|Jonathan Swift

: The cattle were lowing.

*: The lowing herd wind slowly oer the lea.

: rfquotek|Burns

: A barrow or Low, such as were usually cast up over the bodies of eminent Captains. (Robert Plot, The natural history of Staffordshire, 1686; cited after OED).

: And some they brought the brown lint-seed, and flung it down from the Low. (Mary Howitt, Ballads and other poems 1847)

: Our meeting was a short six minutes today. Every day for the past month its been at least twenty minutes long.

: “Phone” is short for “telephone” and "asap" short for "as soon as possible".

*: I chose to interpret the references to butter and sugar as indicating that a short pastry was required. (Later editions suggest a biscuit-like texture.)

: He gave a short answer to the question.

: a short supply of provisions

: to be short of money

: The cashier came up short ten dollars on his morning shift.

: an account which is short of the truth

*: Hardly anything short of an invasion could rouse them again to war.

*: Marinell was sore offended / That his departure thence should be so short.

*: He commanded those who were appointed to attend him to be ready by a short day.

: Im short General Motors because I think their sales are plunging.

: They had to stop short to avoid hitting the dog in the street.

: He cut me short repeatedly in the meeting.

: The boss got a message and cut the meeting short.

: The recent developments at work caught them short.

: His speech fell short of what was expected.

: We went short most finance companies in July.

*: Preceded by a Simpsons short shot in 3-D—perhaps the only thing more superfluous than a fourth Ice Age movie—Ice Age: Continental Drift finds a retinue of vaguely contemporaneous animals coping with life in the post-Pangaea age.

: 38 short suits fit me right off the rack.

: Do you have that size in a short.

: Jones smashes a grounder between third and short.

: The market decline was terrible, but the shorts were buying champagne.

: He closed out his short at a modest loss after three months.

*: The short and the long is, our play is preferred.

*: If we compare the nearest conventional shorts and longs in English, as in "bit" and "beat", "not" and "naught", we find that the short vowels are generally wide, the long narrow, besides being generally diphthongic as well.

: This is the third time Ive caught them shorting us.

: We are short a few men on the second shift.

: Hes short common sense.

: I dont want to be short the market going into the weekend.

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