piikki englanniksi   point fi, quill fi, stud fi, thorn fi, slate fi, ray fi, jab fi, spine fi, tine fi, spike fi, prong fi, shot fi, spindle fi, burr fi, tab fi


: The Congress debated the finer points of the bill.

: There comesi a point in a marathon when some people give up.

: At this point in the meeting, Id like to propose a new item for the agenda.

: She was not feeling in good point.

: I made the point that we all had an interest to protect.

*: full large of limbe and euery ioint / He was, and cared not for God or man a point.

*: When times first point begun / Made he all souls.

: We should meet at a pre-arranged point.

: Since the decision has already been made, I see little point in further discussion.

*: Commas and points they set exactly right.

*: Sound the trumpet — not a levant, or a flourish, but a point of war.

: Logic isnt my strong point.

: The stars showed as tiny points of yellow light.

: Possession is nine points of the law.

: The one with the most points will win the game

: 10.5 ("ten point five"; = ten and a half)

: Ship ahoy, three points off the starboard bow!

: Cut the skin with the point of the knife.

: His cowboy belt was studded with points.

*: Willie Jones decided to become Kimani Jones, Black Panther, on the day his best friend, Otis Nicholson, stepped on a mine while walking point during a sweep in the central highlands.

: to fall off a point

*: There was moreover a hint of the duchess in the infinite point with which, as she felt, she exclaimed: "And this is what you call coming often?"

: The point color of that cat was a deep, rich sable.

: tierce point

: rfquotek|Sir Walter Scott

: point de Venise; Brussels point

: The dog came to a point.

*: Now must the world point at poor Katharine.

*: Point at the tattered coat and ragged shoe.

: ux|en|Its rude to point at other people.

: ux|en|The arrow of a compass points north

: ux|en|The skis were pointing uphill.

: ux|en|The arrow on the map points towards the entrance

: to point a gun at a wolf, or a cannon at a fort

: to point a dart, a pencil, or (figuratively) a moral

: ux|en|If he asks for food, point him toward the refrigerator.

*: Whosoever should be guided through his battles by Minerva, and pointed to every scene of them.

: to point a composition

: ux|en|Bear off a little, were pointing.

*: He treads with caution, and he points with fear.

: rfquotek|Spenser

*: He points it, however, by no deviation from his straightforward manner of speech.

: rfquotek|Alexander Pope

: He picked up his quill and wrote a poem.

*: He touched the tender stops of various quills.

*: Coyotes, bears, and mountain lions which occasionally kill porcupines are sometimes quilled.

*: Then one of my dogs got quilled, and it happened again a month later. After putting the dog in a headlock, yanking out several dozen quills, and spurting blood all over myself and the decking of the back porch, I at least understood his antiporcupine venom.

*: Nibs never would have quilled a seriph to sheepskin.

*: One has only to recall that Coleridge and Wordsworth one day were lounging by the sea shore, while nearby sat an English police agent on snitch patrol prepared to rush to headquarters to quill a report about the conversation.

*: Another characteristic of Plains Indians was the fairly strict division between art made and used by men and art made and used by women. Although men and women sometimes cooperated, women usually painted or quilled very balanced, controlled geometric designs on dresses, moccasins, robes, bags, and containers.

*: He had the finest stud in England, and his delight was to win plates from Tories.

*: In the studs of Ireland, where care is taken, we see horses bred of excellent shape, vigour, and size.

: a collar with studs

*: A belt of straw and ivy buds, / With coral clasps and amber studs.

*: Crystal and myrrhine cups, embossed with gems / And studs of pearl.

: Shes wearing studs in her ears.

*: Seest not this same hawthorn stud?

*: [S]eemingly countless young hot stars stud the entire huge central region[.]

*: Stud the cake all over with chocolate chips, pointed ends in.

: the white thorn; the cockspur thorn

*: There was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me.

*: The guilt of empire, all its thorns and cares, / Be only mine.

: color panel|708090

: Put it on my slate – I’ll pay you next week.

: Roy Disney led the alternative slate of directors for the stockholder vote.

: The old church ledgers show that the roof was slated in 1775.

: The play was slated by the critics.

: The election was slated for November 2nd.

: The next version of our software is slated to be the best release ever.

: The boy was slated by his own mom for disobeying her.

: I saw a ray of light through the clouds.

*: All eyes direct their rays / On him, and crowds turn coxcombs as they gaze.

: Unfortunately he didnt have a ray of hope.

: rfquotek|Elizabeth Barrett Browning

: rfquotek|Sir T. More

*: From his soft eyes the teares he wypt away, / And form his face the filth that did it ray ....

*: And spoiling all her gears and goodly ray.

*: American Ward was too quick and too slick for his British rival, landing at will with razor sharp jabs and hooks and even bullying Froch at times.

: Our dog was exposed to rabies, so the whole family went to a clinic to get our jabs.

*: If you attentively regard almost any quadrupeds spine, you will be struck with the resemblance of its vertebrae to a strung necklace of dwarfed skulls.

*: The male, as Dr. Gunther informs me, has a cluster of stiff, straight spines, like those of a comb, on the sides of the tail.

*: Cruel winters tine.

*: to tine the cloven wood

*: coals of contention and hot vengeance tind

*: Ne was there slave, ne was there medicine / That mote recure their wounds; so inly they did tine.

: rfquotek|HalliwellWebster 1913

*: He wears on his head the corona radiata ...; the spikes that shoot out represent the rays of the sun.

*: "Deres tay spikes, and cocoa spikes, and skilly spikes."

: oil of spike

: She spiked my lemonade with vodka!

: The water sample to be tested has been spiked with arsenic, antimony, mercury, and lead in quantities commonly found in industrial effluents.

*: He jumped down, wrenched the hammer from the armourer’s hand, and seizing a nail from the bag, in a few moments he had spiked the gun.

*: Small skirmishes also took place, and the Afghans managed to seize a pair of mule-guns and force the British to spike and abandon two other precious guns.

*: Instead, the "Beaver" declared he would spike the story about Wallis Simpson and make sure his fellow media moguls sat on it too.

*: Nicolaas, or Nick, as the family called him, wanted to turn professional but an ear injury, sustained during the war, spiked his plans.

: Traffic accidents spiked in December when there was ice on the roads.

: to spike down planks

: rfquotek|Young

: a pitchfork with four prongs

: the two prongs of a river

: The rear axle will have to be replaced. Its shot.

*: Thompson girl, Im stranded at the Unique Motel / Thompson girl, winterfighters shot on the car as well

: The cloak was shot through with silver threads.

: I have to go to bed now; Im shot.

*: Are you not glad to be shot of him?

: The shot was wide off the mark.

: They took the lead on a last-minute shot.

: The shot flew twenty metres, and nearly landed on the judges foot.

: I brought him hunting as hes a good shot.

: Hed make a bad soldier as hes a lousy shot.

: Id like just one more shot at winning this game.

*: Schwarzenegger also is taking nasty shots from his own party, as GOP conservatives bash some of his appointments as Kennedyesque and traitorous to party values.

: Id like a shot of whisky in my coffee.

: We got a good shot of the hummingbirds mating.

: I went to the doctor to get a shot for malaria.

: His solo shot in the seventh inning ended up winning the game.

: rfquotek|TottenWebster 1913

: Drink up. Its his shot.

*: Here no shots are where all shares be.

*: A man is never ... welcome to a place till some certain shot be paid and the hostess say "Welcome".

: the spindle of a vane

: Do not fold, spindle or mutilate this document.

*: The graver, in ploughing furrows in the surface of the copper, raises corresponding ridges or burrs.

*: And whan Sir Mordred felte that he had hys dethys wounde, he threste hymselff with the myght that he had upp to the burre of Kyng Arthurs speare; and ryght so he smote hys fadirnb....-->

*: And there kyng Arthur smote syr mordred vnder the shelde wyth a foyne of his spere thorughoute the body more than a fadom / And whan syr Mordred felte that he had hys dethes wounde / He thryst hym self wyth the myght that he had vp to the bur of kynge Arthurs spere / And right so he smote his fader Arthur wyth his swerde holden in bothe his handes

*: He pulls off his belt, cursing as the studs catch in the tabs of his jeans.

*: You can prevent a control from getting the focus when the user is tabbing between controls by settings its IsTabStop property to False.

: Put this round on my tab, will you, barman.

: Givis a tab man!

*: ux|en|By 1926 the tabloid mania was at full tilt, and the tabs in New York went at each other with hammer and tong.

*: ux|en|That is the attitude of the tabs: they cover the worlds most important city.

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