plaie englanniksi   wound fr, varmint fr, sore fr, plague fr


*: The visitors were without Wayne Rooney after he suffered a head wound in training, which also keeps him out of Englands World Cup qualifiers against Moldova and Ukraine.

*: Showers of blood / Rained from the wounds of slaughtered Englishmen.

*: I went below, and did what I could for my wound; it pained me a good deal, and still bled freely; but it was neither deep nor dangerous, nor did it greatly gall me when I used my arm.

: It took a long time to get over the wound of that insult.

: The police officer wounded the suspect during the fight that ensued.

: The actors pride was wounded when the leading role went to his rival.

: Her feet were sore from walking so far.

*: Malice and hatred are very fretting and vexatious, and apt to make our minds sore and uneasy.

: The school was in sore need of textbooks, theirs having been ruined in the flood.

: Joe was sore at Bob for beating him at checkers.

*: ...Your water is a sore decayer of your whoreson dead body.

: ux|en|They were sore afraid.  The knight was sore wounded.

*: Orion hit a rabbit once; but though sore wounded it got to the bury, and, struggling in, the arrow caught the side of the hole and was drawn out. Indeed, a nail filed sharp is not of much avail as an arrowhead; you must have it barbed, and that was a little beyond our skill. Ikey the blacksmith had forged us a spearhead after a sketch from a picture of a Greek warrior; and a rake-handle served as a shaft.

*: [… they] were often sore pressed to follow the trail at all, and at best were so delayed that in the afternoon of the second day, they still had not overhauled the fugitive.

: They put ointment and a bandage on the sore.

*: I see plainly where his sore lies.

: Ten Biblical plagues over Egypt, ranging from locusts to the death of the crown prince, finally forced Pharaoh to let Mosess people go.

: Bart is an utter plague; his pranks never cease.

: Natural catastrophes plagued the colonists till they abandoned the pestilent marshland.

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