planen englanniksi   devise de, planning de, project de, slate de, purpose de, plot de, schedule de


: to devise an argument; to devise a machine, or a new system of writing

*: devising schemes to realize his ambitious views

*: Thus, the task of the linguist devising a grammar which models the linguistic competence of the fluent native speaker is to devise a finite set of rules which are capable of specifying how to form, interpret, and pronounce an infinite set of well-formed sentences.

*: I thought, devised, and Pallas heard my prayer.

*: For wisdom is most riches; fools therefore / They are which fortunes do by vows devise.

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*: Fines upon devises were still exacted.

*: I dont know how I got to be so sour on life, but Im constantly in solitary confinement of my own devise, ...

: My neighbours were going to build an extension but they didnt get planning.

: The plans for many important buildings were once publicly available.

: He didnt really have a plan; he had a goal and a habit of control.

: Seen in plan, the building had numerous passageways not apparent to visitors.

*: The simple plan, / That they should take who have the power, / And they should keep who can.

: ux|en|The architect planned the building for the client.

: ux|en|They jointly planned the project in phases, with good detail for the first month.

: ux|en|He planned to go, but work intervened.

: ux|en|I was planning on going, but something came up.

: ux|en|They planned for the worst, bringing lots of emergency supplies.

*: projects of happiness devised by human reason

*: He entered into the project with his customary ardour.

: a man given to projects

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*: Before his feet herself she did project.

*: Behold! th ascending villas on my side / Project long shadows oer the crystal tide.

: The [[CEO]] is projecting the completion of the acquisition by April 2007.

*: projecting peace and war

*: It is difficult to gauge the exact point at which women stop trying to fool men and really begin to deceive themselves, but an objective analyst cannot escape the conclusion (1) that partly from a natural device inherent in the species, women deliberately project upon actual or potential suitors an impression of themselves that is not an accurate picture of their total nature, and (2) that few women ever are privileged to see themselves as they really are.

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: Put it on my slate – I’ll pay you next week.

: Roy Disney led the alternative slate of directors for the stockholder vote.

: The old church ledgers show that the roof was slated in 1775.

: The play was slated by the critics.

: The election was slated for November 2nd.

: The next version of our software is slated to be the best release ever.

: The boy was slated by his own mom for disobeying her.

*: United began with more purpose in the early phase of the second half and Liverpool were grateful for Glen Johnsons crucial block from Youngs goalbound shot.

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: The purpose of turning off the lights overnight is to save energy.

: rfquotek|LEstrange

*: I purpose to write the history of England from the accession of King James the Second down to a time which is within the memory of men still living.

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*: If the plot or intrigue must be natural, and such as springs from the subject, then the winding up of the plot must be a probable consequence of all that went before.

: The plot would have enabled them to get a majority on the board.

: The assassination of Lincoln was part of a larger plot.

*: I have overheard a plot of death.

*: O, think what anxious moments pass between / The birth of plots and their last fatal periods!

*: a man of much plot

*: And when Christ saith, Who marries the divorced commits adultery, it is to be understood, if he had any plot in the divorce.

*: no other plot in their religion but serve God and save their souls

: They had plotted a robbery.

: They plotted the number of edits per day.

: Every five minutes they plotted their position.

*: This treatise plotteth down Cornwall as it now standeth.

: They were plotting against the king.

: Ill schedule you for three-oclock then.

: The next elections are scheduled on the 20th of November.

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